Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

I feel like everyone has been dying recently. There's been far too many suicides I feel. Perhaps everyone just needs some Zoloft and then we'd avoid all these young deaths, you know? Well I'm bringing this up because Alexander McQueen was found dead today, and it seems like he committed suicide. McQueen has had some testing times recently. His mother died, apparently he was having some relationship problems, London Fashion week is coming up, and there was some massive pressure on him for his next autumn/winter line. With all this pressure apparenty McQueen cracked. Quite honestly it's a tragedy. Of course whenever a suicide occurs, it's a tragedy, but it's especially tragic in this case but McQueen was quite possibly Englands most talented designer. He was revolutionary. His runway shows were spectacular, innovative, art...Fashion at it's best. I'm not saying that I would wear all of his designs, certainly not (like those ridiculous shoes from this past collection), but he almost always made something new and unexpected. While people complain that old couture houses are living in the past, recreating the same things, inspired by the past instead of the present or future, McQueen was really looking forward. For this reason, McQueen will truly be missed. His talent was something to be reckoned with and I was personally looking forward to the next thing he would reinvent.
Here's a video of some Fashion Experts saying some things about his death. They feel bad. Note the part where he says that they should nurture and take care of their talent. I think yes.

More importantly, let's look back at some on some of his work...truly une REVOLUTION. (If you happen to be in my french class, you will find this amusing. You probably are not)

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