Thursday, December 31, 2009

By Popular Demand

So, I wasn't going to post today. But I was pestered by a number of I took a small break and took a little inspiration from the blogs I'm following. Cuillere a absinthe is one of my favorite bloggers. She is french and was featured in one of the magazines I read regularly last year Muteen (people kept on thinking that I was reading imported teenvogues, they are that similar). So I was on her site and saw that she had this video up. She's in it, duh. Let's watch...

of course she won, I'm following her, she HAS to be chic. Of course I'm biased. I love the french and am incredibly influenced by their fashion sense. I can't really handle all that color the british girl is donning. I LOVE muted colors, nudes, and creams--that will be my wardrobe this spring. Speaking of which, I am SOOO happy that muted colors and creams are in next season. I would have died if there was nothing to buy but bright bright bright bright colors.
A la prochaine fois!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sandro Me Manque Trop

So I yesterday I bought the Vogue Magazine on all the main Spring Collections in Paris (mainly) but also London, New York, and Milan. It was rather inspiring, but I'm beginning to realize the average designers like D&G and even Marc Jacobs aren't really my style anymore. Nonetheless, I found some cool (and hideous ones) that'll I'll share with y'all later.
However, I was inspired to look up some of the websites of the brands I DO like. 
Let me introduce you to....SANDRO. My favorite store from last year. I literally went in there at LEAST once a week, every week after I finally got up the courage to go into such a chic looking french store. Sadly, they haven't put their Spring/Summer Collection pictures up yet...BUT I am a sucker for greys, blacks etc (the winter palate) and let's face it, although the spring collections are out and about, it's still freezing cold outside. 
Image Hosted by
want the dress
Image Hosted by
I love lace tops like this. I bought one at Aritzia but was too scared to wear it, so I lent it to my friend to wear to a dance first so that i HAD to keep it. Big Mistake after just one wear theres like hair like threads poking out so it looks like my armpits are like CRAZY HAIRY. Very embarrassing. 
I might have to go and buy the one at AA even though I already have one....dommage (Do you guys think its worth it? Does the AA have the same problem?)
Image Hosted by
want the dress for tomorrow

can't you just see me wearing this at school?
love the Blue
aren't shoulder detailing the coolest things ever? way better than wanna be a man shoulder pads
sequins make me think of Rachel Zoe. 

classic striped shirt, once again embellished with shoulder jewels
from their campaign
from a couple magazine spreads they've been featured in


Cellular Christmas

Hey so there will continue to be a flow of xmas posts b/c I haven't uploaded all my pictures and stuff from those 12 days of christmas. Here's this wicked xmas video of cellphones playing a classic christmas tune.
I wonder if that was just a commercial for a cellphone....hmm it's cool even if that's the case. 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ring A Ling

Hey you guys! I hope everyone had a lovely christmas that was perfectly festive. Mine was lacking in the festive area. I don't think filipinos in sunnyish california are pros at celebrating the classic american white christmas that i dream of. Tant pis. My host sister is here and has been taking tons of pictures around SF. Here's some pictures she took of me on xmas day. We went to the Cliff House for breakfast and then at the very end of the day went to the fairmont for coffee and dessert. 
Image Hosted by
By rachelheisen, shot with Canon PowerShot SX200 IS at 2009-12-28

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
The Fam
Image Hosted by
Host Sis-Estelle
PS check out my host fam's boulange website. You'll drool.
Image Hosted by
I know. You're looking with JEALOUSY at my hat. it's pretty rad. I stole it from my brothers room. That was my second "hat of the day.' Earlier i was wearing some pretty rad reindeer antlers.
Image Hosted by
Just taking a small bite out of the life-size gingerbread house at the Fairmont

Outfit: Coat: 21, Sweater: Bloomingdales, Skirt: Kooples, Bag#1: Vintage Coach, Bag #2: Longchamp, Boots: Zara, Prop Hat: Brother

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Fur Hat...

Soooo....I got sidetracked and looked at some cobrasnake pictures. GAAHH! so this one girl was wearing this AMAZING fur hat. I want it. I've been wanting one for awhile, but whenever I try one on my friends always think i'm joking and start making fun of it too...I don't have the courage to tell them that....I love it. I want it. I Need It. 

Dear Fur Hat....You would Complete Me...Come Find Me Now. Thank You. 

above two from cobrasnake. So she doesn't look that attractive (those bulbs are SUPER bright, who could blame her for taking one or two bad pictures?) But the hat...the hat...

above two from the last one makes me so happy...

Can I Have That To Go?

Ok so he's a  Concert a Emporter "take away concert"  of Phoenix which you can find on Blogothèque. Wait, you don't know blogothèque? YOU DON'T KNOW BLOGOTHÈQUE!???!?!?! OMGMMGGMGMGM. i don't believe you. well then, you most be ACING all your classes because this is a huge source of procrastination of mine (haha yea i know another one...hehe) Well now you do. So start wasting all your time on this site and failing your classes. STARTING WITH THIS VIDEO!!

BTW. I'm currently watching this video, skyping with my friend and we're dancing to it like retards. mdr. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the Dampened Pier.

ok, so I wish I could find a way to take pictures of my outfits and my antics the same day as posting, but so far that has proven to be impossible. Therefore I will speak as if this happened recently-ish. 
WAYYY back on black friday, I met up with the Arndt sisters. Don't know who they are? Bah, t'inquiète. The story doesn't require you knowing them. Of course these lovely girls didn't know that black friday was an actually practiced occasion, so we really didn't do any major shopping. Just peaking in those boutiques on fillmore--you know the ones where you know you're not actually going to buy anything. AKA the worst place to go black friday shopping. We hopped into DeNovo, i attempted to find a new lipcolor at MAC (they didn't like my not buying anything philosophy that day), Benefit, Betsey, etc. The funniest/strangest part was when we were walking down the street and a man walked quickly out of a chic boutique. Another man strode after him, yelling, "SIR! SIR! SIRRRR!!!!" relatively politely. After he yelled "SIR" like 7 times, the first guy just turns around, marches towards the other guy and hands over this large leather duffel bag and quickly walks confidently away. Turns out he just walked out of the boutique nonchalantly stealing this $300 dollar duffel (i'm guessing, it looked pretty chic and cher). Me and the Arndt sisters were kind of in shock. It was hilarious. In the end, we took a taxi down to the piers bc they were taking the ferry back to Marin later that day.'s some pics that Hannah (young arndt) took....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usyou see the sweater again right? told you i wear it a lot
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Yea, I know. The outfit would be LOADS better if those boots weren't brown or at least that light brown. I was a bit annoyed by that too. SADLY It was SUPER COLD THAT DAY (in the awkward bag that I want to omit as well, I had a pair of jeans in case it was too cold to handle a skirt) so I had to wear boots. BUT I only have those brown boots left because when I left france, I left like 5 pairs of shoes (including boots). BUT I'm trying to get these wondering black suede heeled boots from Urban, they're only like $68 so I'm basically going to get them, almost no doubt. 
Outfit: Sweater: Wilfred, silk shirt & skirt: urban, boots: zara 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lust For Life

So i was going to do a real post tonight. But I have HELLA work to do (turns out I'm way behind on Apps aka I haven't started and they're half due on the 1st uhoh) So I start working on that shizz when my cousin sent me this lovely link that just led me down the road of procrastination. It's super cute and has lovely clips from around San Francisco. I'm using it as a goal for next semester. A dream, if you will, of my life after the storm is over (meaning i want to make an awesome music video like that around the bay area NOT that i want to make a video of ppl in the that would be awkward) 2ND SEMESTER YOU ARE ALMOST IN MY GRASPS! Just one more week and apps to go. WISH ME LUCK! 
here's the vid....

Super cute right? they're performing to SF in february apparently. Imma try to hit it up. How bout you join me?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is Your House Done Yet?

NO! So my family has been redoing one of our houses since I was in 6th grade basically (I'm in 12th right now). It was scheduled to be done last october while I was in france, so that I could move back and have a gorgeous new room. That didn't happen. So the other day, we went to visit the house. It's still not done. GAH! Here's what it looks like....
Not exactly the best picture. But whatever.
So then as my parents and my brother debated with the contractors about all the problems we have to fix and how much longer the house will take etc etc etc. I went to my room and took some pics. So I bought this awesome new sweater from Wilfred at Aritzia a couple weeks back. I wear it like everyday. No joke. I will be in tons of my outfit pics in the future because it is my new staple. I took a picture of it on my brothers fitting mannequin.

Then I went to my room and took some pictures of me and the view. Pas mal, ouais? My family is obsessed with views. Almost every property we own has a mad view. Although, the backlighting made it hard to see the clothes, but my outfit wasn't that extraordinary that day neways. I just liked the setting.

western styled. the boots actually have semi spurs

I was trying to be like a bat because we were watching twilight later...vampires? bats? come you get it...right?

construction, grrr

So as I mentioned the cocoon sweater is from Aritzia and I'm in love with it. It's super comfy and slouchy. PLUS you can turn it upside down and wear it as a slouchy shrug instead! AH! all the possibilities! Oh and if you can see the necklace, its this cool rocket ship that was made from an old bullet! I got it from this art gallery called Park Life (where I'm trying to score an internship currently, wish me luck!) They have some pretty cool stuff there (like a crayon ring, which i was super tempted to buy).
OK I'm off to study for calculus (kill me) and physics (kill me more).
I finally uploading some pictures, so I will post again, yey!

Outfit: Cocoon Sweater: Wilfred at Aritzia, Gold/Bullet Necklace: ParkLife, Shirt: Zara, Boots: Topshop

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Putainnnnn, il fait FROIIIDDDD

GAHHH! it's so flipping cold! It was 40 degrees today and yesterday and the day before. I live in San Francisco, which is NOT southern california with the beautiful palm trees and beaches where all the people are blond and tan and the sun is always out and the skies are always blue, but nonetheless the is pretty damn cold for us. That's almost freezing! San Francisco does not get nearly freezing in the middle of the day, perhaps at dawn, but not when I'm eating my lunch! GOOD GOD! Although I'm flipping a shit, the rest of my school is moreso. I've still been wearing my tanktops (with a jacket) and today I wore a skirt. Apparently I'm Crazzyyy. Apparently the rest of my school are wimps. So once again, I haven't uploaded any pictures (although pictures have been taken). ALORSS I'm posting some pictures of me during my Winter trip in Paris. 

blue skies, but believe me it was cold. Very similar to the weather I'm experiencing right now in San Francisco. 

la Defense: you see the snow right? AHH!

la Defense: a super modern arc thats perfectly in line with the Arc de Triomphe

I wish this was my room. In this small series of Pictures, I think I like hit the chandelier, freaked, and ran the hell out of there. French people protecting their very old, expensive artwork=SCARY

Sometimes, I get bored in Museums. So I act immature and Pose like the pieces. NBD.

Oh Napoleon, How I love your homage to yourself: la place de la Concord.

I was searching for that jacket and that magnificently large and warm cashmere scarf this morning in my closet, but i think i kept them in boxes b/c i was like 'I won't need those in San Francisco.' WRONG.
Sigh, Paris is beautiful in the Winter and the Summer and the Spring and the Fall. Just a couple weeks ago, I was tempted to post these pictures, but I was like, no. It's too warm to post winter pics! I'm still wearing my summer aa skirts! NOT ANYMORE! WHERE DID THE WARMTH GO??? Although, the cold + one peppermint mocha every morning is the best thing EVER. 
OK,  Back to writing my Paper on how God Likes Slavery and then how Judas is a good person and Jesus is an Asshole. BYE! 
PS. Finals are soo close. I'm so scared but at the same time so excited because it's almost 2nd semester. Thank the lord.
PPS. Anyone know a good camera to get for Xmas or a good photography class in the city?

Outfit in Pictures: Jacket:Galeries Lafayette, Shirt: Sandro, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Scarf: La Petite Étoile
Pictures taken by Sarah