Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sandro Me Manque Trop

So I yesterday I bought the Vogue Magazine on all the main Spring Collections in Paris (mainly) but also London, New York, and Milan. It was rather inspiring, but I'm beginning to realize the average designers like D&G and even Marc Jacobs aren't really my style anymore. Nonetheless, I found some cool (and hideous ones) that'll I'll share with y'all later.
However, I was inspired to look up some of the websites of the brands I DO like. 
Let me introduce you to....SANDRO. My favorite store from last year. I literally went in there at LEAST once a week, every week after I finally got up the courage to go into such a chic looking french store. Sadly, they haven't put their Spring/Summer Collection pictures up yet...BUT I am a sucker for greys, blacks etc (the winter palate) and let's face it, although the spring collections are out and about, it's still freezing cold outside. 
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want the dress
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I love lace tops like this. I bought one at Aritzia but was too scared to wear it, so I lent it to my friend to wear to a dance first so that i HAD to keep it. Big Mistake after just one wear theres like hair like threads poking out so it looks like my armpits are like CRAZY HAIRY. Very embarrassing. 
I might have to go and buy the one at AA even though I already have one....dommage (Do you guys think its worth it? Does the AA have the same problem?)
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want the dress for tomorrow

can't you just see me wearing this at school?
love the Blue
aren't shoulder detailing the coolest things ever? way better than wanna be a man shoulder pads
sequins make me think of Rachel Zoe. 

classic striped shirt, once again embellished with shoulder jewels
from their campaign
from a couple magazine spreads they've been featured in

SANDRO sandro-paris.com/ CHECK IT


  1. Love all these looks! So my style! I really am not into marc Jacobs anymore either! I want a more sleek and chic look!


  2. I love these. Totally wearable and totally cool.

  3. You used the word Y'ALL