Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Putainnnnn, il fait FROIIIDDDD

GAHHH! it's so flipping cold! It was 40 degrees today and yesterday and the day before. I live in San Francisco, which is NOT southern california with the beautiful palm trees and beaches where all the people are blond and tan and the sun is always out and the skies are always blue, but nonetheless the is pretty damn cold for us. That's almost freezing! San Francisco does not get nearly freezing in the middle of the day, perhaps at dawn, but not when I'm eating my lunch! GOOD GOD! Although I'm flipping a shit, the rest of my school is moreso. I've still been wearing my tanktops (with a jacket) and today I wore a skirt. Apparently I'm Crazzyyy. Apparently the rest of my school are wimps. So once again, I haven't uploaded any pictures (although pictures have been taken). ALORSS I'm posting some pictures of me during my Winter trip in Paris. 

blue skies, but believe me it was cold. Very similar to the weather I'm experiencing right now in San Francisco. 

la Defense: you see the snow right? AHH!

la Defense: a super modern arc thats perfectly in line with the Arc de Triomphe

I wish this was my room. In this small series of Pictures, I think I like hit the chandelier, freaked, and ran the hell out of there. French people protecting their very old, expensive artwork=SCARY

Sometimes, I get bored in Museums. So I act immature and Pose like the pieces. NBD.

Oh Napoleon, How I love your homage to yourself: la place de la Concord.

I was searching for that jacket and that magnificently large and warm cashmere scarf this morning in my closet, but i think i kept them in boxes b/c i was like 'I won't need those in San Francisco.' WRONG.
Sigh, Paris is beautiful in the Winter and the Summer and the Spring and the Fall. Just a couple weeks ago, I was tempted to post these pictures, but I was like, no. It's too warm to post winter pics! I'm still wearing my summer aa skirts! NOT ANYMORE! WHERE DID THE WARMTH GO??? Although, the cold + one peppermint mocha every morning is the best thing EVER. 
OK,  Back to writing my Paper on how God Likes Slavery and then how Judas is a good person and Jesus is an Asshole. BYE! 
PS. Finals are soo close. I'm so scared but at the same time so excited because it's almost 2nd semester. Thank the lord.
PPS. Anyone know a good camera to get for Xmas or a good photography class in the city?

Outfit in Pictures: Jacket:Galeries Lafayette, Shirt: Sandro, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Scarf: La Petite √Čtoile
Pictures taken by Sarah


  1. Agreed, SF is freezing cold. Out of curiosity, where do you go to school?

  2. It was 40 degrees in LA the other day. We Northern Californians aren't the only ones "suffering".

  3. Thats actually ridiculous. LA!??! That's hilarious because Clarement McKenna just sent me an email that was like HEY FROM SUNNY CLAREMONT in order to rub it in your face that its cold where you live but in LA its nice and warm. LIES.
    The whole country is going into an ice age. Sup Climate Change. Hopefully this convention in Copenhagen is getting something done.