Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No, I'm Not Going Swimming

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It's been rather gloomy here in central NY. So when the sun comes out to play--even the slightest bit, I'm quick to grab my dearest summer clothes. I mean, really, in a mere month (or even less) I wouldn't dream of pretending it was still summer and these babies will be retired until at least late March. My heart just stopped for a second with that sad realization.
I just started taking pictures around campus, and it's funny how different people react. My newest project is taking some street style pics, or I guess in this guess Campus style pics. Soooo watch out for that.
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Outfit- Sailor Style Swimsuit: Thrifted, Skirt: AA, Shoes: Ralph Lauren, Bag: Found Binocular Case
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Picture Cred: Tanya Zakowich
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Little Sketch of...Late Afternoon

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A sketch I did of Liz from Late Afternoon

Late Afternoon is this amazing blog written by Liz Cherkasova. Like me, Liz hails from San Francisco (although unfortunately for me, she can say she's currently experiencing the wonders of the city, while I'm off in college in a far distant land called central NY). I especially love Liz's blog because she's bring a level of attainable professionalism into it. How did she attain this professionalism? Besides Liz's undoubtable innate sense of style and beauty, she is a model (perhaps you've seen her donning some clothing while you peruse through the NastyGal site) and she works for Chictopia (a site that brings us regular fashion lovers into one happy community--to me it seems like a less intimidating version of Lookbook.nu). So that explains Liz's amazing outfit choices and amazing poses that my awkward self has yet to conquer. But another element that makes Late Afternoon one of my favorite blogs to visit is the photographs. They're always beautiful taken, with Liz taking a perfect pose or even candide stance. And the best part is that she makes a point to be out in the street, the real setting of fashion, with the lighting perfectly captured by her photographer boyfriend. Oh! How I wish I could take my Daily Photo pics like Liz! And it's all rather attainable, because, like I said she's out there in the streets and usually has an element that I can afford, often hitting up stores like H&M, Zara or thriftown. Wow! I almost forgot to mention one last amazing part of Late Afternoon: her hair. She's got those bangs under control in such a way that I can only envy, and she's always ready to try out a new hairdo I wouldn't even think of attempting. In total? I love me some Late Afternoon in the afternoon.

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Why did you start blogging?
I really needed an outlet for my creativity while in my last year of college.

What are some of the perks of blogging?
The friends I have made and the wonderful people I have met are the best perks of blogging

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What do you think is the importance of bloggers today?
Bloggers are breaking down the barriers that have become so commonplace in fashion. Fashion is no longer inaccessible and elitist. Now anyone can participate and enjoy fashion. Bloggers are also replacing models and celebrities as style icons and giving people more relateble style role models.

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As a selfish question (being a San Franciscan), do you have any favorite spots you want to share with us? Fav thing to do in the city, fav store, fav place to go, best kept secret, best food etc?
This is a pretty big question! There is so much to do and see in SF it's hard to pick any one place in particular.
Some of my favorite places to shop are Idol Vintage, Painted Bird and Thriftown. My favorite places to eat are Chutney for Indian food, Cocobang for Korean, El Sol for Mexican, Cako for cupcakes, Scalas for Italian and Katanaya for ramen and sushi. I am always looking for new places to eat so this list is just for the time being. I am a big dive bar aficionado so the Owl Tree, the Hemlock, Casanova and the Elbow room are my current favorites.
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Besides fashion, what are you interested in?
I have a passion for social psychology, art, existential literature and living my life :)

Any other words of wisdom you’d like to offer?
Confidence is style, always be your self and never take any one thing too seriously.

And to finish it off… If your shadow had a color, what color would it be?
Mint green!
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Princess Mia and JBiebz went to MY middle school!

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Before the alums of the Hamlin School for Girls head off to college, there is a reunion and a list of the prestigious universities they are all heading off to is recorded, officially printed, and sent off to all those connected to the K-8 prep school. I hadn't been back to my middle school during all my years of high school--honestly, the all girls environment still gives me frightening chills--but I could never deny the beauty of the Baroque styled converted mansion. I chose my outfit in homage to the prep, school girl character of my elementary school--this probably explains to all of you the source of my preppy, quite non West Coast-y style despite living in San Francisco all my life. I actually grew up in PacHeights [Pause for Sigh of Understanding] My friends and fellow alums, however, did not think that I fit in perfectly with the decor of the school but rather claimed that I looked like I walked out of a Urban Outfitters Catalogue. Hmm...preppy with an urban twist? I'll take it.

Outfit: Skirt: Borrowed & Urban, Shirt: Borrowed & H&M, Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: Steve Madden, Socks: AA

Look at how sharp those uniforms look? Yea, K-8 Uniform, those babies 5-8.

PS. My elementary school has been visited by a couple celebs. In the Proactive commercial below, my beloved Jbiebz plays bball on the roof, which is the same court visited by Mia in Princess Diaries. HELL YEAAA

Monday, September 20, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

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I have this poster above my bed in my dorm room. Keep Calm and Carry On. I think it was a message during WWI to the English people. You know, trying to tell those poor Englishmen that, yes, although that might be a bomb and, yes, those very well could be fighter planes flying up above, above their homes, although they were in the middle of war, they should Keep Calm and Carry On. I mean, honestly, what were they freaking out about? So when I walk into my dorm room, no matter how much homework I have or how much drama will brew in my year ahead, if the English could do it in WWI, I too can Keep Calm and Carry On.
This poster also reminds me of one of my favorite tea spots in San Francisco (ok, it's actually my fouth favorite high-tea spot in SF) Crown and Crumpet. They have a bunch of these signs and it's honestly an ADORABLE spot. It's really bright and cutesy and they have some AMAZING tea. It's a little steep for me which is why I still prefer Lovejoys (where I get more bang for my buck), but nonetheless it's still an amazing place to go. Sooo if you still happen to be in the city and love yourself some tea (or hot cocoa) go check this place out. I'm quite envious, I haven't had any tea since I got to college, let alone high tea with scones and crumpets!
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Outfit: Dress: Stolen and Shortened from Mom's closet, Belt: Coach, Oxford Heels: F21, Sweater: Bloomies