Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break '12: Habitat For Humanity

Outfit: Striped Shirt: H&M, Silver Skirt: H&M, Leopard print scarf: H&M,  Flats: H&M, Sweater: Bloomingdales (I just realized how H&M this outfit is) 
Hey everyone, so this past week was my spring break and instead of going to Miami like last year I decided to be an amazingly good person and sacrifice my spring break to do a service trip for Habitat for Humanity in Michigan. As it turned out, it wasn't a sacrifice at all because the trip was so much fun and the people on my trip ended up getting pretty close. For weeks before the trip,  I was petrified because I'm not really the type of person you'd expect to do construction work. Like can you imagine me with a hardhat and hammer building a house? Well I couldn't. I was completely convinced that not only would I be incapable of doing anything, but I would destroy the entire house. Or it would take me an entire hour to hammer a single nail. As it turns out, I'm not absolutely horrible and using power tools is so much fun. I even went on top of the roof despite my fear of heights and falling and dying. The entire experience was wonderful. We got to meet some home owners who just made our entire week worth it and worked alongside regular volunteers also known as Habitat Heros who give up their retirement to continue constructing homes for others. I'm so glad I decided to take this Alternative Break trip and now I get to say that I'm pretty much pro at using power tools and a hammer. Although, I must admit that I did enjoy getting dressed in my normal clothes today (instead of my dirty sneakers and usually unused gym clothes) and putting on my make-up this morning. I'm still a girly girl at heart, just one that knows how to use a saw!

That was my favorite tool. Intimidating no?

Playing in the playground across from the house we were working on