Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh wow. I forgot to mention this. But perhaps it deserved a post of its own. I'm sure you guys all know about LOOKBOOK.NU right? It's a pretty big deal, not going to lie. I think it was even started in the Bay Area--we be hella cool here. It's basically this website where people who like fashion/style whatever take pictures of themselves and post their outfits. It's kind of like a lot of blogs, but it's communal and people like hype you. yea, I don't know. i really wanted to join. But it was INVITE ONLY. I didn't have an invite. I wanted an invite. And I was just invited! SCORE!!! by qatch. (<<<---Check her out by clicking on that link <<<<-----)
ALSO! Look me up on LOOKBOOK.NU! DO IT! DO IT! YES! then Press HYPE next to my link. You don't have to have a lookbook to hype. You could just do it through your facebook. Thank you all in advanced!

the Ghost Cast Cries Out

Hey you guys!
I have a couple things to share with you. First of all, I have no new pictures to show you because my beloved MacbookPro has been CRACKED! You can see nothing on the screen, it's torture! I miss my baby! More importantly, I miss my computer's camera. I depend on vid chatting with my friends, and now I have to call them on my phone...ew.
I haven't been feeling so fabulous recently, so I stayed in my house for a couple days. I came out of hibernation yesterday to hang out with some friends in the Mission. Valencia has so many quirky little shops! Ah! Love them! We also did like some mild thrifting on the mission, but we were too tired to do any serious searching, so we both left empty handed. Instead, we went to Mission Pie and got some absolutely scrumptious pie!! SCORE! After I hung out with another friend to go to a NoisePop festival concert of We were given jetpacks or something like that. We didn't buy tickets ahead of time. They were sold out. We're Brilliant. After we just drove around downtown attempting to see the Chinatown new years festival. Let me tell you, traffic was horrible, streets we blocked, I wanted to kill myself. We ended up just drinking some tea, eating some ice cream and watching the September Issue. I like Devil Wears Prada better.

Oh and remember all those rooftop pictures I took in the last two weeks? My roof is mom is blaming me. It probably is my fault. Damn it. I asked!!

SOOO.. here's a video that I think is pretty fun by Ghost Cat. It's kind of old. But its still just as fun as it was this summer so hush!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Magnified Red Clutch

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A while ago, I won this blog giveaway from Late Afternoon. It was my first blog giveaway entry and I was super surprised to see Liz's comment on my blog saying that I won! I received the clutch, and wasn't sure exactly what to do with it. I knew I didn't want it to be super busy--the model pics were with this bright yellow dress and I was overwhelmed--but I wanted it to be a statement piece. Today was a pretty nice day again, so I headed over to the roof and took some pictures! I'm going to try to find another good location, because these are getting kind of repetitive now....
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Outfit: Top: H&M, Jeans: H&M, Blazer: Zara, Heels: Guess, Clutch: Market Publique, Sunglasses: Wasteland

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dizzy with Excitement

Remember when I went to see Dizzy Balloon in concert a couple weeks ago? Well, while I was at the concert, they recorded a music video. Guess what! Yours Truly is in it! Multiple times! It even zooms in on me! Who can tell me where they spot Colored Shadows? Although they are still a relatively unknown--I'm not even sure they are signed with anyone, I'm actually pretty sure they aren't--and besides the fact that I don't think they're music is that spectacular, this is still quite exciting. It's my first debut in a music video! Of course, not my first youtube video, but this one is relatively legit and already has 530+ views and it was just released yesterday! Pas mal...ouais?
I would describe the song as cute. It IS quite repetitive and after listening to it like 4 times to find myself it, it got kind of , annoying--BUT REPETITIVENESS IS PROVEN TO BE CATCHY! Yea, so drop me a line about the band, the blog, the video, the time(s) I appear, how cute/ugly/ridiculous/annoying I look...

PS as the picture above says they're performing this Sunday afternoon at the Bottom of the Hill for the NoisePop Festival, which you guys should all check out if you're in the San Francisco Area. I'm planning on going!

Gros Bis

Bird Watching

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It was another sunny day in San Francisco...also the last day of break therefore I have plenty of homework to catch up on. Damn it. Why do I always keep all my homework until the last day? And the last day is always gorgeous and amazing and there I am inside trying to write an analysis on Advertising in the 1920s! IMPOSSIBLE! (said with a mockish-french accent). So to procrastinate, I found some old binoculars around house and looked at those birds that are always flying above...
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ignore the tag
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The birds behind you dummy.
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All the birds reminded me of Miu Miu's spring collection. Oh! How I want everything they did! Especially bird printed heels! Genius!

Outfit: Jacket: Polo, Silk Blouse: Vintage Dior, Studded Jeans: Zara, Hat: ?, Shoes: DSW

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Roof Hoppin'

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So the other day was super sunny and I didn't feel like going downtown to "tan" if it was already so sunny by my house. I looked out on the porch and was like THE ROOF. So I climbed over my little fence thing took a chair and read on the roof. I was then inspired to take a picture of my out, yea? I didn't think it was a poor idea. Tons of other bloggers take pictures on their roofs. So here is my attempt. The sun was about to set and I didn't realize it was directly behind me (I am not a photo expert) So the following, well I mean. They're artsy, k?

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How overwhelmed are you by the artyness?? Completely, I know.

Outfit: Studded Shorts: Zara, Lacey Shirt: Kooples (don't know them look at my post 3 or so below) Jacket: H&M, New Sandals: DSW

PS how do you guys like my sandals? I'm a little hesitant.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pillow Fight

On Valentines Day, I did not have a romantic date. I did not walk around with my date as we talked about our lives and watched the sunset. No. My Valentines day was not as cute. Instead it was rather aggressive, violent either. What did I do? You may ask. Well, I went to a Pillow Fight. And no, I do not mean some petty pillow fight during a little slumber party (although a sleepover did occur). Rather, this was a flash pillow fight, and outdoor pillow fight, a city wide pillow fight. The Pillow Fight. It was pretty damn intense, basically.
I actually let out soo much aggression and was totally into it. I was running through the crowds just randomly hitting people, which you were supposed to do right? The funny part was that I would hit some people and they would look at me like, "Why did you just me on the head with a pillow?" Uh well, 'cus you're at a PILLOW FIGHT silly. So much fun. I'm so sad that this is the first year I knew about it, and next year I won't be here! Hmm, ok so whatever college I'm going to next year, I'm definitely going to try to encourage the organization of a city/campus wide pillow fight.

Intense right? There were feathers everywhere. People were even wearing masks. Actually ridiculous. I was having some major allergies.
At one point, I was pushed (or fell) to the crowd in the middle of the pillow fight. There were so many people around me that I couldn't get up. I was terrified that I would be trampled and appear on the 6 o'clock news "Young high school girl trampled to death in city wide pillow fight." Luckily someone picked me up and wished me a Happy Valentines Day. I was still traumatized from my near death experience and within seconds I was running through the crowd wacking away.

I was so hyper after the pillow fight that I was just running down the streets taking pictures with my friends camera (like the one below). As you can see, I was running around and my skirt kind of got shorter. Good thing I was wearing those spandex!

In the end, it was a pretty good night. I found a pretty good vid below. Check it.

You might notice that I'm wearing slightly different outfits during the pillow fight and after the pillow fight. I was super cold before the pillow so I put on my Talula sweatshirt, but after all of that I was overheating.
Outfit: Denim Jacket, Loose Tank Top, Sweatshirt, Skirt: Talula at Aritzia, Shoes: UO, Bandeau: Free people

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

En Couple Depuis....

In the spirit of Valentines day, I'm going to reintroduce you to one of my favorite french brands: Kooples. Last Valentines day, you could find me roaming the streets of the Marais after getting tea at Mariage Frere with my friends, grabbing a falafel and heading over to Kooples to buy a new skirt. I hadn't realized before last valentines day what the name Kooples meant and what their campaign was: Couples. So there I was. Standing in Paris. A single girl alone. Fun times.
But honestly Kooples has some of the coolest couples, and you kind of just want to be them. They print like a magazine with all their featured couples and they interview each one. Asking questions like, how did you meet? describe your first kiss? Whats your song? etc etc etc. It's super cute. Goal: Be a couple in Kooples one day. They just put up their Spring/Summer collection and therefore they have new kooples couples.

Aren't they all just adorable? Yes. My favorite is Jean-Francois & Tanya (the older couple). Tanya is SO intense. Check out their interviews at Kooples also has a blog where they have concerts and, yes, more interviews with more couples looking very koople-ish.

Gros Bisous!

Couples Day

So the other day was valentines day. I was not looking forward to all the festivities. But I ended up having a pretty fun day. Got brunch with a friend, went shopping, went a citywide pillow fight (pictures I believe to come). I saw Valentines Day the night before (and it was not so fabulous quite honestly). Although I'm not a big fan of this holiday, every website I visit is...sooo
Urban Outfitters had this contest on like "WE'RE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER." I was online shopping and came across some of their fav pics.
Ok. Despite my cynical, hag-like attitude, I'll admit it. Couples, although I hate you, You guys look pretty cute. That just makes me hate you more though.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

I feel like everyone has been dying recently. There's been far too many suicides I feel. Perhaps everyone just needs some Zoloft and then we'd avoid all these young deaths, you know? Well I'm bringing this up because Alexander McQueen was found dead today, and it seems like he committed suicide. McQueen has had some testing times recently. His mother died, apparently he was having some relationship problems, London Fashion week is coming up, and there was some massive pressure on him for his next autumn/winter line. With all this pressure apparenty McQueen cracked. Quite honestly it's a tragedy. Of course whenever a suicide occurs, it's a tragedy, but it's especially tragic in this case but McQueen was quite possibly Englands most talented designer. He was revolutionary. His runway shows were spectacular, innovative, art...Fashion at it's best. I'm not saying that I would wear all of his designs, certainly not (like those ridiculous shoes from this past collection), but he almost always made something new and unexpected. While people complain that old couture houses are living in the past, recreating the same things, inspired by the past instead of the present or future, McQueen was really looking forward. For this reason, McQueen will truly be missed. His talent was something to be reckoned with and I was personally looking forward to the next thing he would reinvent.
Here's a video of some Fashion Experts saying some things about his death. They feel bad. Note the part where he says that they should nurture and take care of their talent. I think yes.

More importantly, let's look back at some on some of his work...truly une REVOLUTION. (If you happen to be in my french class, you will find this amusing. You probably are not)