Saturday, January 30, 2010

Raise A Glass

I'm getting very horrible at posting...really. So last week, I went to the Dizzy Balloon concert at Slims for my friend Mattie's birthday! It was AMAZING. I wasn't really a fan of Dizzy Balloon. I listened to a couple of their songs and thought they sounded like some generic high school band. But the band was....pretty cute. and the lead singer had AMAZING stage presence. The theatrics were just unbelievably and super high energy. If you get a chance to go to a dizzy balloon concert, go. It's pretty fun. It was a little difficult being in the front row and not knowing any of the songs while everyone else sang along, but the songs are simple enough you can fake it. I did.
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The girls...
Bday girl front and center
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the face. front center.
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our attempt at the face

one of the million bajillion 5 hr long opening acts. This one was the BEST. AB AND THE SEA. Check them out. Super cute! I told him after the concert that they were the best opening act and he gave me a free CD. NBD.
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Lead Singer of Dizzy Balloon. How he has that much energy amazes me still.
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Dizzy Balloon was so nice. They were completely willing to take a million and a half pictures with all of us. And sign the drop sticks that two of us managed to get.

Moral of the Story: The night was super fun. I love concerts. I never know the bands, but I'm one of those people who likes to see them live and THEN fall in love. I think it's a pretty good method. Besides it being a little awkward when you're the sole girl who doesn't know the name of the cute drummer...

Outfit...which needed some accessorizing, but I didn't have any time to find anything
Leather jacket: Aqua, Crop Top: AA, Tights: AA, Skirt: Wilfred for Aritzia

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Charlotte you old schemer. This will be a night to remember!

The title is a quote from Charlotte's Web in case you were wondering.

Sorry for not posting for a while. I was waiting for some pictures, but as usual I'm having some difficulties acquiring those photos. Story of my (blogging) life. I honestly wasn't going to post tonight, because I have hella homework to do and I didn't find anything cool to blog about. But then I looked at the last date that I posted and it's defintely been too long. I haven't even posted a video! So my friend Lizzo, picture in 1st post, just sent me this video. I believe it's from Charlotte Ronson's Fall 09.

Is it bad that I think she looks adorable and amazing in the video but don't much like the outfits from the runway show? Basically, I wouldn't mind being that girl in that video. Her outfit is just nicely put-together. I like the Leather and the floral. I also like how it's a long coat with a leather motorcycle concept. However, looking through the runway pictures, I wasn't so excited about the collection. I wasn't even excited about the items in the video! I think it's the depressed look on the models faces. The spring collection is reasonably similar (I mean to say they have similar ideas like blacks, plaids, and leather) yet I like the spring runway photos so much more! Why? Probably because the makeup is nice and light for spring and they have a pleasant expression on their faces, which differ greatly from the highly depressed, I want to jump of a cliff/I don't want to be here at all/Life Sucks expression. The style has a very military, manly feel, with studs and plenty of leather. There's quite a tough look coming through, but, of course, she throws in some florals and softer materials to add a softer side to balance it out. She used terms like "Art Deco" and "wartime dressing" when referring to her collection. Apparently the cutout elbows and slashed sleeves were supposed to be a nod to rationed fabrics during WWII. I'm not sure if I'm the biggest fan or if I'd wear those outfits. But I am trying to develop my style so perhaps I'd wear something like it and have it grow on me so that my style could mature. It seems like the collection had quite a positive response, so if you like it and are a little frustrated by my slightly negative tone, t'inquiete. Apparently, you're in the right. Oh, by the way, here are some of the looks from Fall '09.

I really love this jacket. The combination of materials is just perfect.

we see how depressed she looks, right?
Here's Charlotte's Floral for Autumn. It has this dark, prairie, little house on the prairie feel. Perhaps I'm getting this from the brown background of the floral pattern. Although I do love this in the video, in these pictures I can't help to say ugly, grandma is a bad way, or actually couch. That's it. I'm just not sure if I'm a huge fan of this type of floral. I personally enjoy a springy-er floral thats lighter and girly-er, in a more six year old way rather than a 90 year old way. It's that juxtaposition that makes floral during the winter so interesting to me. This floral seems to belong in autumn, it seems that autumn bore it heavily with its its dark colors and harvest tones.

Weaving leather into this is just so interesting and unique.
perhaps this is one of the outfits that nod to WWII?
Although it seems a tad out of place. I kind of like this dress.

I know it's a tad late to still be showing Fall collections. I mean, I've already showed you Spring ones and I have the Vogue Spring Collection Book! But, as I said, my friend sent me this video and it just came up. If you guys know which collections have video campaigns already, just shoot it my way. K? Oh and here's a video of the entire show from Nylon with Cory Kennedy. It's a tad strange, but I like the music better than some of the other videos I just rapidly clicked on .


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Party like Royalty at the Regis

So a while back I had a little soirée at my condo in the St. Regis SF. It's right across from the Yerba Buena gardens and basically everyone who came was freaking out. I wish I was just being full of myself right now, but they were actually freaking out. It was kind of embarrassing. I did not take party pics, because I have yet to get down that wonderful art. But I will try to work on it, because party pics are THE BEST. Nonetheless, I took some pictures of my outfit before my friends picked me up in the taxi....

Pardon my expressions here. They're a tad Creepy...
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Oh, so you're noticing that I'm wearing my brother tophat again. Yes, he was in LA and I decided to steal it. MWAHAHAH!
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People started heading out at 2 or 3 or so, which was kind of late, especially for a girl who doesn't know how to drive herself anywhere. So I ended up sleeping there with a couple of other people. The next day, I roamed about downtown, namely yerba buena and took some pictures, after I got brunch, which is only my favorite thing in the whole wide world.
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Are you noting my very very wrinkly shirt? Well, that's because I slept in it. I slept in my WHOLE outfit. Including the skirt with jewels all around it. Wait, no, perhaps I took that off. It's rather uncomfortable while just sitting, let alone SLEEPING!
I think I look pas mal for the morning after. Ouais?
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You see the towering building behind me? That's the Regis. NBD.

Outfit: Denim Shirt: Thrifted, Black Lace Leotard: Aritzia, Skirt: Forever21, Tights: Carpezzio, Shoes: Ambiance, Topcoat: Costume/Prop, Bag: Vintage Coach

Friday, January 15, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Doesn't anyone else seem to think there's just this whole Alice in Wonderland theme going on? Perhaps it's just because I always dream about having a Alice in Wonderland theme tea party. I always think that it's such a wonderful idea, and then enthusiastically tell a friend-who is usually equally obsessed with tea-my brilliant idea. Most times, I am not met with the "YESS! LET'S DO IT! BRILLIANT! YESSS" that I was expecting. Instead, many a times I have been met with, "what does that even mean? Do you dress up in a blue dress? A cat? I don't get it. Why don't we just have a normal dress up tea party?" I thought about their point and recognized they were right. How would you dress up for Alice and Wonderland theme? LAME...I don't want to dress up as a Cat. (Although I do have some inspirations photos for how to do it coming below...oooo.....aahhhhh.)
More importantly Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie coming out in March (which is relatively soon). I'm rather excited. It looks insidious. I mean, Johnny Depp is in it. It'll be MESSED UP. Some of my friends don't want to see it, they're scared it'll ruin Alice in Wonderland for them. But don't you want to see Alice in Wonderland all grown up and matured? I don't know. I think it'll be sick. PLUS Alice is Mia Wasikowka. I'm a fan. She was my favorite patient on In Treatment (HBO). She looks rather sickly in this movie.

And here are some images from Vogue's Alice and Wonderland spread from December 2003. It's beautiful! There are more, of course, but I'm going to put on a million because I am incapable of deciding and love them all!

nt to wear this to my tea party. If only....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Senior Citizen

My yearbook page was due today. It wasn't exactly my greatest piece of work. I liked all the pictures fine, but I didn't really have many key people. More importantly, my layout was BLAH. It was clean this year, but nothing special. If its clean, it should at least be creative right? Whatever, I didn't really want to obsess over it. Hopefully I manage to turn it in, because I don't have a USB and it's a total of 4 MB over gmail's attachment limit. Putain...Right. So in my yearbook, seniors can choose a partner they can match with. In the end, my partner and I didn't match very much, but we attempted with this little photo shoot we had. Neither of us really used the pictures so I decided to post them here. You know, make them work a little. Work for their memory space. I make myself crack up sometimes. The sad thing is that anyone actually reading this probably didn't even understand that joke. Dommage.
We went to Altza Plaza Park. Well actually, we went after "decorating" the student center (my school's excuse for a cafeteria) with 2010s, Xs, streamers etc. It was freezing. Definitely not my best set of photos at Alta Plaza. I blame the fog. You know, just the normal and average climate of San Francisco.
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Want to know who to give the photocred to? Well you probably don't but I'll tell you anyways. All the ones of me on the seesaw were taken by Olivia. However, all the ones with the two of us. Taken by no one. Self-timer. Olivia refused to ask any of the nannies at Alta to take a picture of us or any of the people who watched us take pictures of ourselves like dorks. Whatever.

Outfit: Sweater:Wilfred from Aritzia, Grey Shirt: Nordstroms, White Shirt: Unknown, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Boots: Urban, Necklace: H&M

PS. I just have to note that I'm wearing jeans in these pictures. I realized that I've been wearing a lot of mini skirts with boots. Therefore, I'm going to try to get to pictures wearing some pantalons (I wanted to say that in a Spanish accent and then I realized I have no idea how to spell that).

Monday, January 11, 2010

Adventures in Chinatown

Long time no post...
So my host sister came a little while ago and I decided to show her chinatown. We went to get dim sum at City View, which was quite an experience for her. I guess dim sum in those restaurants is a pretty peculiar thing. When else do ladies push carts around a restaurant, constantly asking "do you want this? this? this?" It's a weird situation, but I just love Dim Sum! After we did a little adventuring around Chinatown. I don't really hang out much around here. It's a tad too touristy for me, but she enjoyed taking pictures of all the colors and stuff. I guess for a French girl, all the colors in San Francisco is a little overwhelming and unique.
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We wandered around a bit more, towards the financial district, and found this little garden. I love the apartment building in front. The brick, the clothes hanging. It must be weird for the people living there though. I and some other guy were taking pictures and he just kept on staring at us, as if he was wondering what the hell we were doing in his backyard...

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Outfit: Coat: 21, Sweatshirt/Sweater thing: Urban, Dress: AA, Tights: AA, Boots: Zara, Headband, AA's funny how this is quite the AA outfit, but it doesn't really look it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


So...I'm very very very very behind on posts. So far behind, my dearies, that I'm actually doing a (pre) Christmas post. yes. you will see a christmas tree in this post even. yea i know. this is SUPER LATE. but i've been having some technical difficulties this past break we go anyways!
So way back to break, there was this wonderful concert at Davies' Symphony hall. What concert you may ask? Well of course the annual SF Girls Chorus Christmas Sing Along with all your FAVORITE carols sung by your favorite little girls--they are adorable.
Here's what went down....
sorry it's blurry, but it's my best full outfit picture
we were running back to Davies frantically. We actually ditched mattie on the way because she was being too slow.
Why the hurry? We went to get coffee and like dinner...with 20 minutes before the concert. Let's just say that WASN'T A GOOD IDEA.
after we went to this lovely French resto, jardiniere, for coffee and desserts. It was a GORGEOUS restaurant. I really really want to go back.
We got two platters of their sample desserts. Best one? hands down the eggnog creme brulee. I still haven't had eggnog....maybe next year?
camille. the lovely photographer of then night. thanks my dear.
Outfit: Red Cashmere Sweater: Bloomingdales, Skirt: 21, Boots: Urban, Hat: H&M