Sunday, January 24, 2010

Charlotte you old schemer. This will be a night to remember!

The title is a quote from Charlotte's Web in case you were wondering.

Sorry for not posting for a while. I was waiting for some pictures, but as usual I'm having some difficulties acquiring those photos. Story of my (blogging) life. I honestly wasn't going to post tonight, because I have hella homework to do and I didn't find anything cool to blog about. But then I looked at the last date that I posted and it's defintely been too long. I haven't even posted a video! So my friend Lizzo, picture in 1st post, just sent me this video. I believe it's from Charlotte Ronson's Fall 09.

Is it bad that I think she looks adorable and amazing in the video but don't much like the outfits from the runway show? Basically, I wouldn't mind being that girl in that video. Her outfit is just nicely put-together. I like the Leather and the floral. I also like how it's a long coat with a leather motorcycle concept. However, looking through the runway pictures, I wasn't so excited about the collection. I wasn't even excited about the items in the video! I think it's the depressed look on the models faces. The spring collection is reasonably similar (I mean to say they have similar ideas like blacks, plaids, and leather) yet I like the spring runway photos so much more! Why? Probably because the makeup is nice and light for spring and they have a pleasant expression on their faces, which differ greatly from the highly depressed, I want to jump of a cliff/I don't want to be here at all/Life Sucks expression. The style has a very military, manly feel, with studs and plenty of leather. There's quite a tough look coming through, but, of course, she throws in some florals and softer materials to add a softer side to balance it out. She used terms like "Art Deco" and "wartime dressing" when referring to her collection. Apparently the cutout elbows and slashed sleeves were supposed to be a nod to rationed fabrics during WWII. I'm not sure if I'm the biggest fan or if I'd wear those outfits. But I am trying to develop my style so perhaps I'd wear something like it and have it grow on me so that my style could mature. It seems like the collection had quite a positive response, so if you like it and are a little frustrated by my slightly negative tone, t'inquiete. Apparently, you're in the right. Oh, by the way, here are some of the looks from Fall '09.

I really love this jacket. The combination of materials is just perfect.

we see how depressed she looks, right?
Here's Charlotte's Floral for Autumn. It has this dark, prairie, little house on the prairie feel. Perhaps I'm getting this from the brown background of the floral pattern. Although I do love this in the video, in these pictures I can't help to say ugly, grandma is a bad way, or actually couch. That's it. I'm just not sure if I'm a huge fan of this type of floral. I personally enjoy a springy-er floral thats lighter and girly-er, in a more six year old way rather than a 90 year old way. It's that juxtaposition that makes floral during the winter so interesting to me. This floral seems to belong in autumn, it seems that autumn bore it heavily with its its dark colors and harvest tones.

Weaving leather into this is just so interesting and unique.
perhaps this is one of the outfits that nod to WWII?
Although it seems a tad out of place. I kind of like this dress.

I know it's a tad late to still be showing Fall collections. I mean, I've already showed you Spring ones and I have the Vogue Spring Collection Book! But, as I said, my friend sent me this video and it just came up. If you guys know which collections have video campaigns already, just shoot it my way. K? Oh and here's a video of the entire show from Nylon with Cory Kennedy. It's a tad strange, but I like the music better than some of the other videos I just rapidly clicked on .



  1. I love the boyish charm mixed with more girlie patterns.

  2. i love charlotte ronson :)

  3. you look like you had agreat night :)

  4. love the collection!!!