Saturday, January 2, 2010

the Art of Fashion

hey, so some of you have complained that I started the new year off a little weak. I am in accordance, but my bro is in LA and he took the camera cord with him, so I can't upload any of my pictures (I still have my xmas tree pics to post!) But when he comes back, there will be a wave of catching up posts! ALORS T'INQUIÈTE!
I personally had a lovely new years' eve. I threw an impromtu party (b/c no one was really having a party) at my condo downtown (st regis heard of it?) It was a lot of fun, quite an intoxicating evening as one of my friends put it. Party pics do not exist b/c one of my friends literally stole my camera and hid it, freaked out about parents and colleges seeing it. Pity. My outfit was cute.
Soo...I decided to remind us of the art of fashion. Now a days fashion editorials, spreads in magazines look quite artistic. Believe it or not, it wasn't always so. William Klein changed the style of fashion photography. Think before Klein it looked like Forever 21, after it looked like ART (as it should). Look up this influential artist and you will be amazed. CHECK IT.
Woman in Chicken Hat (Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn), New York, 1948-49
Hat + 5 Roses, Paris (Vogue), 1956
Smoke and Veil, Paris (Vogue), 1958
Vestido de Dior en Vogue al principio de los años 1950 

WOW tons of smoking pictures. I'm thinking of picking up the habit...Bad Idea?? Probably....

Fashion by Capucci, American Vogue, April, 1960
Epic #1
French Vogue, April 1961
Epic #2

Broadway and 103rd Street, New York 1954-55 (Became a symbol of gun control)

He also made videos....CHECK IT.

There's more parts, but thats just two parties. CHECK OUT THE REST!
So by now I'm sure you guys are incredibly impressed by Mr. Klein. He really changed the world of fashion, without him, your magazines, well wouldn't be nearly as important. We have to remember that fashion is more than just a simply outfit. It's an art form. It reminds me of that lovely speech that was in the Devil's Wears Prada (i'll post that some other time)...Sooo I invite you to dare a bit with your style this year. Don't think of it as just an outfit in the morning, but a statement, an piece of art. WELCOME TO 2010.

ALSO. Small Note to Some Haters that have arisen. If you don't like the blog, DON'T READ IT. Thanks to all you guys who are reading my blog for real!


  1. i love your blog! happy new year!

  2. Fabulous photos!


  3. gah gorgeous pictures!


  4. thanx for the comment :) lovin the arty vibe of your blog & these pics are awesome! imagine living in that time(im going to stop myself before i start rambling on..) anywho awesome post!

  5. Rachel!! Whit told me about this and it's all so amazing and trendy, you rock. BUT I was just commenting because I totally saw those "Who are you polly magoo" at an exhibit randomly in a tiny place in the Marais last week. Strange coincidence.

    Also, I totally agree that blue is perhaps the color of the season (or, the end of the season) seeing as we're all getting sick of purple..