Friday, January 1, 2010


Every year new years comes along and I always feel like I have to make this next year better, because the year previous was slightly disappointing. As usual, I took this persona, ready to rise from the ashes of 2009. But although all of the Best and Worst Programs on TV say that 2009 was the bottom and we can't go anywhere but up...I must say I LOVED 2009! Let's name some things we did...
-Started with new years in le MARAIS, PARIS. pas mal
-Wandered around Rennes, France...not to mention Marseilles, London, Paris, Nice
-Celebrated my bday with some of my favorite girls ever in Nice
-Came home to America and rediscovered the beauty of SF
-Started this BLOG
so in more honor of 2009 here's a mash-up of all the songs of 2009. Honestly, its a tad overwhelming and you'll remember songs you've forgotten. enjoy!

But now 2009 is over. BUT DO NOT DESPAIR! For as the countdown finished, every senior in America rejoiced (or was working on apps). This is OUR YEAR. 2010. LET'S DO IT! WE'RE IN SECOND SEMESTER AMAZINGNESS! LET'S HAVE THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!! yes...unoriginal i know. But come on, it's the truth.

the cobransnake

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