Thursday, December 31, 2009

By Popular Demand

So, I wasn't going to post today. But I was pestered by a number of I took a small break and took a little inspiration from the blogs I'm following. Cuillere a absinthe is one of my favorite bloggers. She is french and was featured in one of the magazines I read regularly last year Muteen (people kept on thinking that I was reading imported teenvogues, they are that similar). So I was on her site and saw that she had this video up. She's in it, duh. Let's watch...

of course she won, I'm following her, she HAS to be chic. Of course I'm biased. I love the french and am incredibly influenced by their fashion sense. I can't really handle all that color the british girl is donning. I LOVE muted colors, nudes, and creams--that will be my wardrobe this spring. Speaking of which, I am SOOO happy that muted colors and creams are in next season. I would have died if there was nothing to buy but bright bright bright bright colors.
A la prochaine fois!

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