Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dreaming About: Crazy Wedges

Ok, as a take my tests recently or get my papers back and frantically worry about whether or not I'm going to get into college, I wonder to myself, how did I get to this point? And then I realize, it's online shopping. Well not so much shopping, because although online shopping has been a normal form of procrastination of mine since freshman year, I have yet to actually order something online. But I'm about to take the plunge with NeedSupply. I found these gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell booties, which are not exactly what I've always dreamed of in a bootie (I want them sleeker and taller) but they are a more reasonable version (I go to school in the hills of San Francisco) at a far more reasonable price (only $99 while some other versions are $599). Oh you want a picture do you? Well Here you go: 

I know. Perfect. I would look beyond intense with these shoes. But the problem is THEY'RE SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE. It appears that everyone else already recognized their amazing-ness while I was still deciding if they were ugly or not. I'm ordering them anyways, since they should apparently be chez moi by New Years Eve. How hot would I be? and nice and warm too when looking at those fireworks. Sounds like a plan. 
PS. I just decided that another shoe wasn't ugly/fell in love with it. And now I can't decide which one I want! Any suggestions? Here's the competitor. The Alexa Wedge Bootie. Also by Jeffrey Campbell and is a more elaborate version of the one above. There was a great deal of controversy over it because its a clear knockoff of the Acne Boot that Alexa Chung wore (ergo the name of the knockoff version). 
the original
the jeffrey campbell knockoff (god bless him at $195 instead of $655)

AHHH help me decide! I hope I'm cool enough to wear them. 

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