Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is Your House Done Yet?

NO! So my family has been redoing one of our houses since I was in 6th grade basically (I'm in 12th right now). It was scheduled to be done last october while I was in france, so that I could move back and have a gorgeous new room. That didn't happen. So the other day, we went to visit the house. It's still not done. GAH! Here's what it looks like....
Not exactly the best picture. But whatever.
So then as my parents and my brother debated with the contractors about all the problems we have to fix and how much longer the house will take etc etc etc. I went to my room and took some pics. So I bought this awesome new sweater from Wilfred at Aritzia a couple weeks back. I wear it like everyday. No joke. I will be in tons of my outfit pics in the future because it is my new staple. I took a picture of it on my brothers fitting mannequin.

Then I went to my room and took some pictures of me and the view. Pas mal, ouais? My family is obsessed with views. Almost every property we own has a mad view. Although, the backlighting made it hard to see the clothes, but my outfit wasn't that extraordinary that day neways. I just liked the setting.

western styled. the boots actually have semi spurs

I was trying to be like a bat because we were watching twilight later...vampires? bats? come you get it...right?

construction, grrr

So as I mentioned the cocoon sweater is from Aritzia and I'm in love with it. It's super comfy and slouchy. PLUS you can turn it upside down and wear it as a slouchy shrug instead! AH! all the possibilities! Oh and if you can see the necklace, its this cool rocket ship that was made from an old bullet! I got it from this art gallery called Park Life (where I'm trying to score an internship currently, wish me luck!) They have some pretty cool stuff there (like a crayon ring, which i was super tempted to buy).
OK I'm off to study for calculus (kill me) and physics (kill me more).
I finally uploading some pictures, so I will post again, yey!

Outfit: Cocoon Sweater: Wilfred at Aritzia, Gold/Bullet Necklace: ParkLife, Shirt: Zara, Boots: Topshop


  1. I love the shape of that sweater. It's definitely a good staple piece.

    I go to Lowell... nerd school as well.

  2. cool pictures, love the sweater!