Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who We're Listening To: Foxes (Louisa Rose Allen)

Now I'm just chasing time
with a thousand dreams I'm holding heavy
and as we cross the line these fading beats have all been severed
don't tell me our youth is running out
Its only just begun

I've been listening to these lyrics non-stop for about two months now. I found the singer Louisa Rose Allen, who goes by "Foxes" when I was YouTube surfing while procrastinating at the library. An eery picture of children with masks on popped up and started playing what is probably her most popular song "Youth." Within this song, I discovered a wonderful combination of beautiful soothing female vocals, up beat electro-pop,  meaningful and original lyrics, and even some heavy percussion by the end.
Now I'm normally a sucker for female vocals similar to Louisa Rose Allen but I found the electro-pop element a refreshing change from the normally calming and honestly depressing character of similar female singers. Like honestly, I was getting pretty sick of people asking me why my music library was so depressing and indistinguishable.
Now if the original version of "Youth" isn't up beat or dance enough for you, you might want to check out the Adventure Club Remix. I also found this through YouTube surfing (it was the Recommended Video on the side of Youth), and it's amazing. In general, I really enjoy Adventure Club Remixes. They tend to choose artists and songs that I absolutely adore--genuine artists with beautiful voices--and add something new. Actually, they do a great job of making my favorite depressing artists slightly more fun. Although "Youth" didn't need this makeover, it's still a great remix.
In fact, it's such a great remix, that it gave Foxes a little bit more attention. The other day, I played the original song for my friend at her house and she recognized it from the Adventure Club remix. Despite this increase of attention and popularity,  I still don't think she's as big as she should be. But because she's still not that big, she's still giving away some of her songs for free!  You should also check out her SoundCloud. 
Last but not least, she's coming to America this summer! Unfortunately she's not going to be visiting San Francisco. Obviously my foggy little city isn't important enough. But she is visiting other major cities on the American Coast including LA, DC, NYC, and Boston. More specifics are on her website under the live section.


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  3. oh thanks for sharing! She sounds great!

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