Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Did You Know Guru is Sanskrit?

Outfit--Chambray Shirt: AA, Skirt: Marc Jacobs, Flats: H&M
I just finished up my extended study in NYC. If you didn't know, I was basically being a giant nerd for 3 weeks because I voluntarily signed up to take classes for an additional 3 weeks after summer started. COOL. But it was actually pretty fun. We got to talk to reps from different UN Missions throughout NYC. One of the most interesting things was seeing which missions would be the most hospitable (aka where'd we'd get the most free food). Now we saw the likes of the US, UK, France, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, South Korea, etc. Where oh where was the best to visit? IRAN AND IRAQ OF COURSE! We got free pastries from both. Iran gave posters and  I <3 Iran cards, Iraq had a gorgeous building on the Upper East Side. Ultimately, what I learned was that visiting officials from rogue states is way too much fun! Axis of Evil more like Axis of yummy pastries. I now regret not having the opportunity to see the free swag from North Korea. But all jokes aside, it was a wonderful and enriching experience. So after my 3 weeks in Manhattan I am thoroughly nerded out, my bank accounts are empty, and I have a 10 page paper to write. YIPEEE!
Here are some completely unrelated outfit pictures. I had to take a picture of myself on campus for my new internship with CollegeFashionista. Now I must admit that the word "intern" for this position is a little generous. I'm really just writing a weekly article on a street style picture I take and giving "STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK." For our first article, we had to provide a "Style Guru Bio". If you like, you should check it out out HERE! Throughout the summer, I'll probably put little links to my weekly articles so WATCH OUT!

So back to the outfit, cuz I'm lookin supa cuuuuute! I know you've been staring at my beautifully patterned green skirt since you opened this blog entry. Where oh where did I get it? Well, if you must know it's actually Marc Jacobs circa 2005. It's practically vintage. I know, I'm like totally cool. But actually this skirt is my bat mitzvah skirt from 7th grade. I still remember spotting the skirt and its matching dress that I actually had my eye on from the escalator while I was shopping. This was the first time I had heard of Marc Jacobs and obviously my first of many Marc Jacobs purchases. I have to admit, that I miss this style of Marc Jacobs. His stuff is not really my style anymore, but I will always hold this skirt dear to my heart. I'm also pretty happy that I didn't choose the dress because there is no way my ass would be able to fit into the same dress as my 13 year old self. I gave the skirt a preppy vibe with a chambray shirt from American Apparel. The only problem with this outfit is that my shirt always like rises out of it and makes me look fat. I wish there was some way to keep shirts perfectly tucked in your high rise skirts. Anyone else agree? Ok, I'm off to write my paper. JOKES! I'm off to watch Pretty Little Liars and then get lunch for my big bro's 30th bday (haha he's so old).


  1. super cute outfit! thanks I'm in love with minty/seafoamy colors too hehe :p

    cool blog!


  2. That skirt is darling! =)

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