Monday, May 21, 2012

Halfway Done and Not Happy About It

Outfit--Leotard: American Apparel, Tank: Alternative Apparel, Shorts: Zara, Shoes: Keds, Necklace: LF

Today is May 21st and I've been out of school for about two weeks now, I believe. I'm lying to you slightly here because I'm actually still in school and taking classes but no longer on my campus--which is really what I consider being in school. I'm currently writing to you from a tiny little room in NYC, where I'm doing an extended study program with my university. However, this post isn't about my time in NYC but about reminiscing on the last weeks of school. Unlike every other overworked and stressed out Colgate student (except maybe seniors), I was not ready for the school year to end. I had been having so much fun during the last couple weeks (example: Spring Party Weekend) and was not looking forward to junior year when some of my best friends are going abroad opposite semesters as me. That's the strange thing about junior year, it seems. Going abroad is going to be such an amazing experience (I'm going to Geneva in the Spring if anyone else is there!), but it also means I won't get to see some amazing people until August 2012 (the most highly anticipated yet slightly dreaded and scary day that starts our senior year).
The very last day of classes, after all of our papers were done and we only had our finals ahead of us (once again I lie to you. I actually still had a 15 page french paper due after this weekend, but officially all our work was supposed to be done) there was small celebration in memory of a member of the class of 2012 who had passed. It was a really nice day, maybe a little sticky and humid, but the festivities were a welcome break. There was an A Cappella performance, jumpy house thing, and food. It was also nice to see people wearing some sundresses and their normal preppy pastel shorts after wearing yoga pants or sweatpants exclusively for the past week.
I stupidly decided to look into my "I never wear this stuff" drawer, and noticed my lace leotard I used to be obsessed with. I really still like the look of it, but honestly it's just so difficult to pee in that I could never wear it out and it doesn't always seem appropriate to wear it to class. Upon putting it on, I realized that I was obese and quickly put on the first shirt I could find. I actually liked the combo so that's how my outfit came about! Great story, I know. I however will not tell it again. So I'm wearing a lace leotard and a nude leotard (yes 2 leotards on a hot, sticky day wasn't my brightest idea), a grey alternative apparel tank, zara shorts, and my keds (wowwww, I was wearing sneakers? weird).
As usual, the next week during finals week was wonderful and sunny. I tried my best to work outside as much as possible to soak in some vitamin D, but it's kind of a struggle to study so seriously outside. I swear that there is some conspiracy between the weather gods and my finals schedule, because it's always been amazing weather exclusively for the weekend before finals since my first final in 7th grade. That just can't be a coincidence. Anyone else agree?
two arms!

Definitely not the prettiest picture I could've taken on my campus, but here's Taylor Lake!


  1. ahhah, well first your not obese at all!!!! but I also think that a lot when I'm chosing something to wear!:p and second you actually look good with that outfit!!:P I think you look great for a day in classes or studing!!


  2. This AA leotard is very sexy. You look great girl...

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