Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day! (La jour de l'Ane?)

so todays turkey day and I haven't posted anything for ages. That's bc a) i'm reasonably self-conscious and feel weird just asking my friends to go around taking pictures of me. I mean I'm borderline narcissistic, but really, that just cries out big ego. Don't worry. I'll get over it. oh and b) my computer is being a salope and not connecting to my iphone or my camera, so i can't download my pics. stupid i know.
So in memory of the Indians that were killed from smallpox, exiled from their land bc of land/freedom hungry americans, here's some pics from Halloween. I was Pocahontas, the disney movie version.
above is sara (football player), olivia (startrek), and chloe (some sort of angel from an art history painting)
I look borderline retarded in this pics, but it goes well with the day so whatever.
I have some awesome post ideas, so I will be posting again soon
(even though I should just lock myself in my house all break and crank out my apps, english paper, and french paper, FML)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Le Début: On a trouvé une nouvelle méthode de procrastination.

The best way to waste your life it by taking notes. The easiest way to avoid living is to just watch. Look for details. Report. Don't participate." Calvin and Hobbs

Hi, I'm Rachel Eisen and a senior in San Francisco. I decided to make a blog a couple weeks ago after reading that TeenVogue Article. This is actually my second attempt at making a blog. My first attempt was such a failure I lost my account. So why didn't I start up last month, like the slew of girls who similarly read that TeenVogue article? Well, I was so concerned about how to start. What would be the best way to show everyone that I was worthy of a blog. How should I talk? What should I talk about? I did tons of research, wasting my precious studying and college app time obsessing over blogs, fashion shows, online stores, and
But yesterday, I decided enough was enough. I had wasted enough time. Yes, it was true I did not have an awesome picture to start my blog off with. I probably don't even have enough time today to make this post half as cool as i wanted it to be (AP classes and Honors English are kicking my ass). But I can't keep delaying this. And as Calvin and Hobbs said above, I can't keep waiting to start, taking notes to make the perfect blog. So here I am, making a fool of myself, and hoping my next post will be a bit better.

Welcome to my new source of Procrastination. Here's some pics from my year abroad last year. They will trickle into my posts in the future.

Mon Dieu! these were taken September 5th, i think 2008! This is more than a year ago! Crazzyy!!!!! According to my classmates, I left Rennes, France about 6 months ago, yet I feel like I just left and still miss it like crazy. Above you see Sarah and Lizzo.
Outfit: Black Cardigan JCREW, Striped Shirt H&M, Grey Skirt American Apparel, Belt Mom's, Scarf and Shoes UO, Opaque Tights Dance Store, Glasses before they were cool and Hipster Thrifted
bottom 3 photos taken by Sanam