Monday, January 23, 2012

Has It Been 5 Weeks Already?

Outfit--Skirt: Wilfred, Denim Shirt: Thrifted, Flats: H&M, Belt: Wilfred
On my final day in San Francisco after my 5 week winter break (don't be too jealous of that huge chunk of time, for a lot of it I was just going crazy with boredom), I went to get breakfast with my friend Rebecca. I was hoping to go to my favorite breakfast spot Zazie, which is down the hill from me in Cole Valley and has some of the best poached eggs and benedicts in the world. But seeing as it was a beautiful saturday morning, Zazie had a giant mass of people waiting outside of its doors by 10:45. Therefore, we headed off to Hayes Valley to my other favorite breakfast spot, Stacks'. 
The best way to describe Stacks' is that its an over-the-top diner. This means that all the food could be found in a diner--corn beef hash, pancakes, classic coffee, even chicken and waffles. But Stacks' just does it all better, especially those pancakes. They are pure fluffy, buttery goodness. Honestly, I don't understand how they manage to make pancakes so much better than normal. The diner on steroids also means that the decor is decked out in ridiculously large fake floral arrangements and tacky paintings of the roman period, very Vegas-y. This decor would normally turn me off but the food is so good that I, along with the huge crowd outside of Stacks' keep coming back for more. 
While we were waiting for a table, we wandered into the park area of Hayes Valley--really its just some green space where they occasionally install art and a crazy gym structure. While we were wandering about, enjoying the sun (but shivering in the cold that reminded us that despite the blue skies it was indeed winter), a student from FIDM approached us. She asked to take our picture and asked us about trends, brands, the internet, etc. I of course blabbered on and on. She also asked us about our outfits [perfect segue]. 
I was wearing my brand new Wilfred skirt from Aritzia. I'm trying to play with some new cuts (especially in skirts where I tend to stick with the short bandeau skirt) and patterns. With it, I'm wearing a basic thrifted denim shirt. I decided to wear this outfit, despite the potential rain and the bitter cold, because it was probably my last chance in a long time to wear a skirt. I wish I could wear skirts all year round but alas it is far too cold and snowy where I go to school for that to be possible. 
But back to the FIDM student [not so perfect segue], the best question she asked was what is your favorite food. My response to this was, I live in San Francisco, I eat everything. If you live here, you love everything that's good, if its a burger or burmese food. San Francisco isn't that great at fashion (most go with the 'I'm an outdoorsy person and often go hiking in Yosemite' look), our museums are nice but nothing particularly special, we've got a pretty famous bridge, but we've definitely got some good food. So that's probably what I'm going to miss most when I'm back at college this semester. I will miss all the amazing food adventures! So here's to 5 months straight of dorm food, and until then, I'll be writing down a list of all the things in San Francisco I must eat while I'm there. If you happen to live in the Bay Area (or a place I might visit) don't hesitate to drop me a yummy dining spot or dish!
While you're waiting, Stacks' provides complimentary coffee and tea
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Skulls and Feathers

This is a picture of me the next morning to get a better view of the shirt...I cropped my face out because I wasn't looking too cute
I started off my day yesterday going to the hospital and getting my blood drawn. I recently changed doctors from a pediatrician to a real doctor and I must admit, I miss my childhood doctors. I've been begging my parents to switch for years (well since my senior year when I got swine flu and all the parents with babies death glared me like I was the devil in the waiting room), and not having to see those weird baby/toddler toys is nice. But adult doctors have their downsides. For starters, there is no longer a TeenVogue and Seventeen magazine waiting to entertain me while I wait, but rather a smelly old asian lady sitting uncomfortably close. But even more importantly, there's so much more judgement! Judgement for smoking, drugs, alcohol, my real reason for going on the pill (No, I don't have an irregular period or acne problems ok). Since when do doctors judge my life decisions? So since I'm a horrible, reckless person, I had to get my blood tested....she paused and looked at me while she checked HIV test alongside my allergy tests. (Note: Everyone should get tested, it's just the responsible thing to do). So after I got my blood drawn, I was feeling a little lightheaded which was perfect since I was supposed to get lunch with my friend Sarah.
Originally, we were supposed to go to Off the Grid (a big food truck thing in SF), but since the gods decided to curse me with rain during my final days home, we decided that wasn't the best idea. Instead, we went to the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building. The Slanted Door is this overly priced (but still good) fusion vietnamese restaurant, made to exploit rich business men with a taste for the exotic (food). The reason for my negative tone is due to the fact that any real dish was a minimum of $16 and the tiny little soup I got was $8 (it was so small I still felt lightheaded after lunch). They didn't even have bubble tea. WHY WAS THERE NO BUBBLE TEA!?
After I sent Sarah on her way back to the far far land of Marin (it's actually just across the bay), I headed downtown to apply for some summer jobs. "Why, you may ask, am I already applying for summer jobs? Isn't that 5 months from now? And honestly, I did feel a little silly asking for a job application and then explaining that it was actually for May and June not right now. To explain, I go to school of the East Coast (Colgate if you must know), so this is my last opportunity to apply for jobs in person because I'm doing Habitat for Humanity during Spring Break. So I was running around downtown, handing out my resumé to some of my favorite stores like Madewell, Zara, H&M, Aritzia, and JCrew when I realized that my outfit didn't exactly fit with the aesthetic of all these stores. There I was walking into the fun, quirky, preppy Madewell (sister store to JCrew if you don't completely understand the look), wearing all black completele with leather and a scull on my chest. AHH SOO INAPPROPRIATE! But I just said I go to school back East, particularly Colgate with a nice, peppy voice and my inner prep just shined through.
To describe my gothic outfit in more depth, I am wearing a silk blazer from H&M, a cashmere sweater underneath it for warmth, my new skull/pirate/indian shirt from Brandy Melville (which I just got when I visited UCLA), my leather detailed leggings, and this amazing cashmere scarf I got in Paris from Petite Etoile. I stupidly forgot to bring an umbrella that day so my shelter came exclusively from that giant scarf.
After all this was done, I made the long trek to the Haight in the rain (well I took the bus) to get this amazing mocha called Chocolate to the People from Coffee to the People and catch up with some friends before I headed back east. Then I went to ChaChaCha for some yummy tapas with a refreshing Sangria. Isn't Sangria AMMAZZINNG? I particularly like it when they don't card me, not like that's a problem or anything.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

That's How You Pronounce 3LAU!?

Outfit--Tank: Alternative Apparel, Sequined Skirt: Thrifted & Borrowed
There's this thing in San Francisco called EPR. They hold these weekly "concerts" for people 18+ in downtown San Francisco (actually it's like 3 blocks away from my condo, weird right?). Basically, it's used as a club for those unfortunate souls that aren't yet 21 (or have a way to appear 21) and those who kind of like raves, but not necessarily super hardcore ones. In it's simplest form, it's an dupstep concert.
I've heard of EPR for awhile now, but had never gone until this past Wednesday (yes, these weekly let's get super wasted and maybe do some drugs events happens on Wednesdays). The DJ of the week was 3LAU! (the 3 is pronounced as a B). He was kind of a mixture of house and dupstep, which I was thankful for. Although I'm completely down with listening to some dupstep when I'm high, when I'm dancing I like to have something more than a bass going crazy. You know what I mean? 
I'm still not certain if I liked EPR, but the experience was definitely interesting. The line was ridonkulous, but I liked bonding with the people waiting with us (some of these kids have the coolest tattoos). The concert itself was also enjoyable, but not completely something I was used to. Finally, the guys were a little bit more touchy feely/creepy than I wanted. Maybe it was because they were rolling?
I wasn't really sure what to wear to this thing, because I've never been to anything like this. In reality, I haven't even been to that many normal concerts. But raves seem like something completely different. You've seen those pictures right? Those girls with the sparkly bras (ok those are kind of cute), fuzzy boots (how do they ever survive in those? it's so hot!), tutus, pasties, cracked out hair, pacifiers etc. I'm really not into that. Instead I opted for my favorite grey tank from Alternative Apparel (I love the cut) and my friends sparkly sequined skirt. To add that final touch, she gave me this jewel to put next to my eye. All night girls would yell at me, "OMG matching!" Since they'd be wearing a sequined skirt too or their skirt as a shirt. I obviously wore it best though, right? 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Playing with Petticoats

The topic of meeting and hanging out with the friends of friends was previously discussed during my last post, but I will continue it here. You see, I hung out with my friend, Sarah, and her friends from Skidmore yesterday, when they came in from Marin to the city. Now I've already met all of her friends this past October when I visited Sarah. Having almost Sarah's entire school group here visiting her made me pretty jealous. I kind of wish I had made/maintained more friends like that in college, but I am only a sophomore so I still have time!
While they were here, we did a little wandering around the mission, more specifically Valencia. Paxton and Gates, 426 Valencia (the Pirate shop), Curiousity Shoppe, Good Vibrations (sex shop, eek!) you know, the basics. Wait, actually, the sex shop should have a small pause...ummm, yea I didn't know about all that stuff there. Did you know that people walk around with anal toys in their behind!? Or that there are chairs with built in dildos? Or vegan condoms?! But afterwards, we got some food. We stopped by Bi-Rite grocery store and ice cream store! YUMMMM!!! I bought an apple, blood orange, and then brown sugar caramel swirl ice cream.
On to my outfit, I'm wearing this Petticoat Slip Coat from American Apparel. I've wanted one of these for a while--like I've wanted every skirt from American Apparel--but at about $70 it's a little too expensive for me. But I found this little gem in my friends closet that she bought for a Halloween costume. So I took, I mean, I borrowed it. Now it's a lot of fun, but it's a little extravagant? Is that the word I'm looking for? So I tried to dress it down. I was originally wearing flats, but it still felt a little dressy to be hopping on the bus with. Obviously, I then paired it with my favorite new stripes from Aritzia (my favorite Canadian store). I still sensed a good amount of looks when I was wandering around, especially on the bus, but I'll take it as a compliment. They were obviously admiring my super cute and gutsy outfit, right? Right?

Outfit--Sweater:TNA, Skirt: American Apparel, Necklace: JCrew, Boots: LF
Me, Sarah, and her Skidmore friends
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daydreaming About: Sandro

I am pretty sure that I have previously shown Sandro on this site, but since it's been awhile I figure none of you would remember anyways (I wonder how many more jokes about how much I have failed at being a blogger for the past year or so am I permitted to make?). But beyond your memory lapse, I am showing Sandro for many different reasons right now. First of all, Sandro was one of my favorite stores I found when I was in France. After school, I would often hop of the bus and look through all the clothing.
Sandro has a very clean look to it, chic and simple but still stylish (hmm that just sounds like the French especially Parisians doesn't it?) I presented the darker color palettes from the Fall here, because I am personally obsessed with anti-color (who says that? who is obsessed with NOT color? I'm a freak) but they do have some popping colors for their spring line. What Sandro does amazingly is the detail and fit, rather than anything very flashy. 
I regret not buying more from Sandro, but I am determined that the next time I go to one of their stores that I buy a couple of beautiful items. Previously, I thought that this would mean that I would have to wait until my next trip to France (a place I haven't gone back to since I moved back to the US about 3 years ago), but things have changed this year. In case you didn't hear, Bleeker street in NYC has experienced a French Invasion! Sandro opened it's New York doors this past fall! I am determined to make a trip to New York sometime and take a look. 
I also forgot to mention that the French Invasion on Bleeker street also includes Maje, which is the sister brand to Sandro (not in the way to Madewell is to Jcrew but like literally the owners are sisters!) Back in Rennes, the two stores were next to eachother and apparently they are on Bleeker too. I will definitely stop by there on this fictional trip to NYC, and probably do a review sometime soon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The City by the Bay

 The agenda for the day was simply running/driving around the entire city, therefore I decided to wear an appropriately comfortable yet cute (well I hope it was cute at least) outfit. You see, my friend Katy's friend from college was visiting from college (Harvard to be more exact), therefore we had to show him the great city of San Francisco. The small catch, we met him at 3 and my friend had dinner reservations at 5:30. So a quick tour of the city. We started off downtown, swung over the marina, took some pictures of Golden Gate Bridge (which is where these pictures are from), Crissy Field, Golden Gate Park, the Haight, then finally Ocean Beach to watch the sunset. CRAZY!
It's funny meeting home friend's friends from college. More often than not, I like these new friends (I actually think of them as replacement friends). This makes sense because they get along with your friends, who you get along with. But it's also interesting to see how your friends act slightly differently with these friends from a whole other world. I'm not quite sure if that makes any sense but, whatever.
So on the comfy yet cute outfit description. I'm wearing one of my new favorite sweaters that I bought this past winter. It's this slouchy box sweater from the Gap in an XL. I love everything on my top half being super big and loose and everything on my bottom being super tight. Therefore, my tops usually look like they could cover up a pregnancy well into the second term. I bought these leggings the other day and although they look normal from the picture above they actually have a side panel of leather (ok it's pleather shut up, I'm poor!) from H&M.

Outfit--Slouchy Sweater: Gap, Tank: American Apparel, Leather detailed leggings: H&M, Ballet flats: H&M, Bag: H&M

Leather detailing on leggings

The Golden Gate Bridge from the Marina of San Francisco

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Monday, January 9, 2012

JCrew Inspired Stripes

In case you weren't previously aware, I am quite obsessed with stripes. STRIPES STRIPES STRIPES. They've become kind of my security blanket that I wear almost everyday. Whenever I go shopping I constantly have to tell myself that No, I do not need anything striped shirt you have plenty already, but I might need to change that because that just means I wear my favorite stripes far more than is healthy or perhaps even sanitary. I believe my stripes obsession came from my year in France, since they do have that beautiful and classic boatneck navy striped shirt that almost defines France and definitely the region of Brittany where I was staying. Therefore, the navy, black, and grey (which are the real colors of the French not the blue white and red) stripes are my most commonly worn items. However, I am trying to break away from that. The other day I bought an ORANGE striped shirt. I know, I am going absolutely crazy! Huge changes, I don't know if I can handle it. I will show you that shirt sometime soon.
So back to this outfit, I wore it for no good reason at all. Just hung out with my brother at his house (the last picture is a view from his living room at night). I was going for a funky Jcrew look, which is ultimately what I believe Jcrew is actually going for instead of the motherly New England pole up her ass, non-creative look most people create when wearing Jcrew. Like honestly, look at their catalogues and all their outfits look gorgeous and creative. Look at their clientale...borinnggg. Sadly, none of this outfit is actually from Jcrew--honestly it's way too expensive. But I hope you still see the inspiration. Actually, I lied! The chain necklace is from Jcrew, I bought if for my apparent goth prom dress....
Outfit-- Striped tank: Brandy Melville, Silver Skirt: H&M, Denim Shirt: Buffalo Exchange, Boots: LF

Ok I lied above, I didn't buy these boots from LF but I saw them there and I actually bought them from this random store in SOHO so I figured that was easier to find. I wear them everyday, all year round so they're a little beat up.
Look how gorgeous that view is from Glen Park/Diamond Heights in San Francisco

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Colored Shadows @ Tumblr

Screenshot of my Tumblr

I just realized that some of you might be wondering where I've been for about a year or two. Or, if you're just happening across Colored Shadows at this very moment you might wonder why my blog looks horribly pathetic and neglected. The reality is, I have in fact neglected my dear old blog here at blogspot. Once upon a time, I tried to do the whole Daily Outfit blog/Personal Style thing. In the end, those types of blogs are actually quite stressful. When I headed off to college in the middle of nowhere, I could no longer go shopping (or thrifting when I was trying to be slightly more economical) as often therefore hindering my creativity in my outfits. To be perfectly honest, when heading to class, I tend to pull on a similar outfit. Something comfy, something involving my favorite boot at the moment, some cashmere socks, and stripes. Oh how I love stripes. So during this stagnant period of personal style, I discovered a new method to share my creativity (as well as a way to view other peoples style with extreme jealousy): TUMBLR. I spent way too much of my time especially last year on this site, and it probably explains my mediocre grades my freshman year of college. But if you do want to check out that site, I promise, it looks a lot more put together than this one. Here it is I also promise however that I will do my best to revamp this blog and make it equally as or more beautiful. Starting with new URL! (I know, it was quite a change from these-colored-shadows.blogspot but it really is easier to type out!)

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Davies Symphony Hall with the besties  

Haven't been around for a while but decided to make a holiday post a little late. Went to the annual SFGC Sing Along at Davies Symphony Hall in my hometown of San Francisco. Attending this little concert (little is quite an understatement since most of the hall is full) brings back cherished memories from my time in the chorus. I love coming together with other alums who have become some of my best and closest friends in the world as we sing the carols we grew up on together.
The whole event brings together close friends, but also serves as a type of extracurricular class reunion (omg! did she lose weight? what school does she go to now? did you hear Jane dropped out of college etc etc?) and a mini-style presentation. As we've all gotten older, each of our styles has improved and gotten more unique.
I love my girl Camille's mid-low patterned dress from Forever 21 (yea, what? I need to head over there right now! Thank god they just opened a new 3 story one in SF). And Mattie's one shoulder dress is super smexy (another Forever 21 product). Finally, Taryn represents the wonderful style habits of San Francisco with her great find from a Mission Thrift Shop.
Although my girlies look BEA-U-TI-FUL this is of course MY blog. I am wearing some old bow peep toe heels with Nanette Lepore skirt with velvet and lace detailing and an American Apparel dress as a shirt.
The performance was a wonderful way to start my winter break, with the perfect level of good company, music, and candlelight. We ended the night visiting the Grove for some yummy red velvet cake (it's honestly my weakness) and mocha.