Sunday, January 8, 2012

Colored Shadows @ Tumblr

Screenshot of my Tumblr

I just realized that some of you might be wondering where I've been for about a year or two. Or, if you're just happening across Colored Shadows at this very moment you might wonder why my blog looks horribly pathetic and neglected. The reality is, I have in fact neglected my dear old blog here at blogspot. Once upon a time, I tried to do the whole Daily Outfit blog/Personal Style thing. In the end, those types of blogs are actually quite stressful. When I headed off to college in the middle of nowhere, I could no longer go shopping (or thrifting when I was trying to be slightly more economical) as often therefore hindering my creativity in my outfits. To be perfectly honest, when heading to class, I tend to pull on a similar outfit. Something comfy, something involving my favorite boot at the moment, some cashmere socks, and stripes. Oh how I love stripes. So during this stagnant period of personal style, I discovered a new method to share my creativity (as well as a way to view other peoples style with extreme jealousy): TUMBLR. I spent way too much of my time especially last year on this site, and it probably explains my mediocre grades my freshman year of college. But if you do want to check out that site, I promise, it looks a lot more put together than this one. Here it is I also promise however that I will do my best to revamp this blog and make it equally as or more beautiful. Starting with new URL! (I know, it was quite a change from these-colored-shadows.blogspot but it really is easier to type out!)

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