Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daydreaming About: Sandro

I am pretty sure that I have previously shown Sandro on this site, but since it's been awhile I figure none of you would remember anyways (I wonder how many more jokes about how much I have failed at being a blogger for the past year or so am I permitted to make?). But beyond your memory lapse, I am showing Sandro for many different reasons right now. First of all, Sandro was one of my favorite stores I found when I was in France. After school, I would often hop of the bus and look through all the clothing.
Sandro has a very clean look to it, chic and simple but still stylish (hmm that just sounds like the French especially Parisians doesn't it?) I presented the darker color palettes from the Fall here, because I am personally obsessed with anti-color (who says that? who is obsessed with NOT color? I'm a freak) but they do have some popping colors for their spring line. What Sandro does amazingly is the detail and fit, rather than anything very flashy. 
I regret not buying more from Sandro, but I am determined that the next time I go to one of their stores that I buy a couple of beautiful items. Previously, I thought that this would mean that I would have to wait until my next trip to France (a place I haven't gone back to since I moved back to the US about 3 years ago), but things have changed this year. In case you didn't hear, Bleeker street in NYC has experienced a French Invasion! Sandro opened it's New York doors this past fall! I am determined to make a trip to New York sometime and take a look. 
I also forgot to mention that the French Invasion on Bleeker street also includes Maje, which is the sister brand to Sandro (not in the way to Madewell is to Jcrew but like literally the owners are sisters!) Back in Rennes, the two stores were next to eachother and apparently they are on Bleeker too. I will definitely stop by there on this fictional trip to NYC, and probably do a review sometime soon.


  1. all these outfits are gorgeous! thank you so much for your lovely comment. I've been blogging for about 5 months now so Im pretty new to it all and still trying to learn. Really glad you like it! Keep in touch xo Preena

  2. Yay you have the twitter stream up! I noticed another blogger helped you out, bloggers to the rescue. Sorry I didn't have the link right away :/

    Never heard of Sandro but I love the clean and timeless silhouettes in these pieces. Did you used to live in France?


  3. Great style and good taste.

  4. yes!!! i love sandro, too bad for all the animal suffering in their collections every season.. (think cheetah coats)

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