Saturday, January 21, 2012

Skulls and Feathers

This is a picture of me the next morning to get a better view of the shirt...I cropped my face out because I wasn't looking too cute
I started off my day yesterday going to the hospital and getting my blood drawn. I recently changed doctors from a pediatrician to a real doctor and I must admit, I miss my childhood doctors. I've been begging my parents to switch for years (well since my senior year when I got swine flu and all the parents with babies death glared me like I was the devil in the waiting room), and not having to see those weird baby/toddler toys is nice. But adult doctors have their downsides. For starters, there is no longer a TeenVogue and Seventeen magazine waiting to entertain me while I wait, but rather a smelly old asian lady sitting uncomfortably close. But even more importantly, there's so much more judgement! Judgement for smoking, drugs, alcohol, my real reason for going on the pill (No, I don't have an irregular period or acne problems ok). Since when do doctors judge my life decisions? So since I'm a horrible, reckless person, I had to get my blood tested....she paused and looked at me while she checked HIV test alongside my allergy tests. (Note: Everyone should get tested, it's just the responsible thing to do). So after I got my blood drawn, I was feeling a little lightheaded which was perfect since I was supposed to get lunch with my friend Sarah.
Originally, we were supposed to go to Off the Grid (a big food truck thing in SF), but since the gods decided to curse me with rain during my final days home, we decided that wasn't the best idea. Instead, we went to the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building. The Slanted Door is this overly priced (but still good) fusion vietnamese restaurant, made to exploit rich business men with a taste for the exotic (food). The reason for my negative tone is due to the fact that any real dish was a minimum of $16 and the tiny little soup I got was $8 (it was so small I still felt lightheaded after lunch). They didn't even have bubble tea. WHY WAS THERE NO BUBBLE TEA!?
After I sent Sarah on her way back to the far far land of Marin (it's actually just across the bay), I headed downtown to apply for some summer jobs. "Why, you may ask, am I already applying for summer jobs? Isn't that 5 months from now? And honestly, I did feel a little silly asking for a job application and then explaining that it was actually for May and June not right now. To explain, I go to school of the East Coast (Colgate if you must know), so this is my last opportunity to apply for jobs in person because I'm doing Habitat for Humanity during Spring Break. So I was running around downtown, handing out my resumé to some of my favorite stores like Madewell, Zara, H&M, Aritzia, and JCrew when I realized that my outfit didn't exactly fit with the aesthetic of all these stores. There I was walking into the fun, quirky, preppy Madewell (sister store to JCrew if you don't completely understand the look), wearing all black completele with leather and a scull on my chest. AHH SOO INAPPROPRIATE! But I just said I go to school back East, particularly Colgate with a nice, peppy voice and my inner prep just shined through.
To describe my gothic outfit in more depth, I am wearing a silk blazer from H&M, a cashmere sweater underneath it for warmth, my new skull/pirate/indian shirt from Brandy Melville (which I just got when I visited UCLA), my leather detailed leggings, and this amazing cashmere scarf I got in Paris from Petite Etoile. I stupidly forgot to bring an umbrella that day so my shelter came exclusively from that giant scarf.
After all this was done, I made the long trek to the Haight in the rain (well I took the bus) to get this amazing mocha called Chocolate to the People from Coffee to the People and catch up with some friends before I headed back east. Then I went to ChaChaCha for some yummy tapas with a refreshing Sangria. Isn't Sangria AMMAZZINNG? I particularly like it when they don't card me, not like that's a problem or anything.....


  1. you look adorable! I think they'd look past the skull and see you have good taste, that's the important thing :)
    <--fellow san franciscan! I know the places you mentioned. made me feel legit :D

  2. I love your outfit!!:)
    In my blog was just endend a fantastic giveaway by Moschino, another one soon! Hope you visit it! :)

  3. cute cute cute! love your style :) please check out my blog some time!!

  4. lovely outfit ;)

  5. lol suchhhh a funny write up!! i 100% agree everyone should get tested! especially before a new relationship!! its just the non-selfish thing to do! and yeah, $16 is a lot for one dish. I figured based on leftovers and all, I usually eat only $3 worth of food, even when going out! Which drives me crazy when I'm invited to buffets.. haha. Anyways GREAT top, i love the skull :) good luck with the job search!

  6. I love this you have amazing style :) cute post xx

  7. Love this outfit! Especially the t-shirt. :)
    You have a really cute blog. :D xx

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