Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daydreaming About: Karen Walker Sunglasses

So when I graduated high school, my brother told me he'd buy me a fancy pair of designer sunglasses. Now my brother has a bit of an obsession with designer goods in general, but designer sunglasses in particular.  He'll be driving around wearing his Gucci sunglasses or whatever other slightly gaudy brand you can imagine. Apparently, he has some smooshy story about getting a pair for every important event in his life. He also has this rule for fancy champagne.
Now at the time, I thought this was a horrible idea. Therefore, despite him being willing to spend like $500 on a pair of sunnies for me, I still rejected his offer. I figured that I break and lose cheap $10 Forever21 sunglasses all the time, why should I be trusted with a designer pair? In fact, $25 is probably the most money I've ever spent on any pair of sunglasses. That's probably a good thing since none of them have survived. Actually fun story. During my schools spring party weekend, I bought one pair just for the weekend. Got a free pair before the Avicii concert. Found a pair on the ground of a frat. By the end of the 3 days, I didn't have a single pair left. The rest of the sunny year was a bit of a challenge.
So for years, I've limited myself to cheap $15 sunglasses. The thing is that I'm actually really into the tortoise look with a slightly different shape than the classic fake RayBan. Unfortunately for me, anything original isn't really offered by that street vendor on Haight street or wherever else. Actually that seems like a pretty common theme for most things I like; they just don't seem to come cheap. But going back to sunglasses. I've actually seen a bunch of really cool sunglasses that perfectly meet my description and potentially even my fat facial structure. And weirdly enough, all of these sunnies have been from Karen Walker.
Now most people don't really talk about this glasses brand. I mean, it's definitely not as commonly known as RayBans. But I recognized this brand because back when I lived in France, before I made my I will never buy expensive glasses rule, I was considering buying this pair for the same reasons as I am contemplating them now! I figure since it's been almost 4 years, and I'm still lusting over a pair of Karen Walker tortoise sunglasses, maybe I should rethink this rule. So here are a couple pairs that I'm lusting over currently:

Tell me how y'all feel about them! They're all pretty expensive. And considering my track record, might not be the best idea. BUUT I'm thinking that they're fancy price tag might deter me from being a retard around them and they fancy hard case I'll put them in will protect them from my ass when I sit on my bag for no apparent reason (that was the tragic ending for my favorite pair of sunnies from high school). Tell me your opinions, which one do you like the best, if you think it's a horrid idea etc etc. And remember to FOLLOW if you like my blog and COME BACK!
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  1. great glasses :) thank you for the comment:)of course I will follow you:)
    Have a nice day my sweetie :)

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  3. OOO these are amazing!! Great post! :)

    I'd love if you could visit me at xx

  4. LOving the first worn sunglasses!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  5. Hi Rachel! I was like you before, most of my sunglasses were purchased from the gas station, $8 was the max. But one day, when I walked into bloomingdales and saw a pair of chanel sunglasses with swarovski crystals...I HAD to try them on. A $450 price tag was slightly intimidating and all I could think was I'll lose them, ruin them...but no. I've had them for 5 years, and they're in perfection condition, and I wear them all the time. So get these sunnies, you'll take care of them! Thank you for visiting my blog, I just followed and hope to see you back.

  6. Karen Walkers are by far some of my favourite glasses. They are totally worth the investment.


  7. I want a pair so bad! If I had the money I would definitely go for a classic tortoiseshell pair. Thanks for the sweet comment on my post. xo

  8. Love your blog. :)

    Would like to follow each other on GFC???

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  9. Nice sunglasses, like first ones the most :)
    Btw thanks for nice comment!

  10. I would chose either the first or second ones:)) they're gorgeous!


  11. I honestly love all of them! lol I seriously want to buy a pair of Karen Walker shades just not sure which ones yet :p


    I'm following :)

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