Friday, June 29, 2012

What We're Listening To: KO KO

I really wanted to have an outfit post ready for you guys today, and I swear I've been wearing some cute outfits to work this week! Unfortunately, I have not had time to find someone to take pictures of me and I think it would be weird if I just asked one of my new coworkers to take a picture in the alleyway during my lunch break. So instead, I'm doing a music post of a band that I found in April.
Now if you're my friend on Facebook, you might have already seen this because I posted it on a friends wall the night I found it while procrastinating at the library. Isn't studying time the best time to make grand discoveries on the internet?
The band is called KO KO and it consists of a brother duo from Southern California, Ryan and Taylor Lawhon. The Lawhon brothers hailing from sunny Southern California seems to have expressed itself in their music. Even if the darker moments of their EP, you still feel like these songs were made for the summer months.

This quality is most evident in the opening song "Float." This track includes whistling, a catchy melodic hook, pounding drums--every element to make a feel good summer moment. I actually liked this song so much I made it the default song for my tumblr.
But I have to admit that "So Strange" is probably my favorite on the 3 track EP. Opening with organs and a sad line of vocals rather than an upbeat whistle, this song is slightly more mysterious and spooky than "Float." Altogether it seems like a more well-rounded track than the first two and is a perfect way to end the EP, leaving the listener searching desperately for more.
Although this post is a couple months late, it's actually perfect timing. KO KO has been releasing their EP free on Bandcamp on the 29th of every month. These downloads have been ridiculously popular and have reached their limit by the 30th every time. So if you like these songs, I suggest you check out their Bandcamp tomorrow and pray that you snag one of their EPs for free!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Hate Heels

I have nothing really big to share with all of you. I've been pretty tired lately because I just started my new job as "sales support" in Banana Republic. Yesterday, I worked from 8am-5pm mainly working at the cash register. The whole day, I felt like such a frosh. Everyone else who worked at the store knew each other and were making jokes all day, while me and my fellow newbs wandered around doe-eyed, confused and friendless (such a freshman move). During lunch, all the veterans were eating with their friends and we just sat at a newbie table. I'm sure it will get better soon with more practice on the job and after we spend more time with the other associates. At least I hope?
Fake high-low skirt!

So while I was looking through my closet for Banan Republic appropriate outfits, I ended up picking up an outfit that is not Banana Republic at all. I just bought this long maroon skirt from Forever 21. I like how this skirt has a slightly different cut with slits on the side. Also, it's super fun because I can easily create a high-low skirt without buying one! You can't even tell can you! Ok, you can but if I add a belt you wouldn't really be able to. The rest of my outfit is from a year ago *gasp*. My shirt is actually one of those tight short dresses that were so cool last year. That's a cropped leather jacket from H&M that I actually found via Late Afternoon. And my sandal heels are from Lucky Brand that I have never had the opportunity to show you guys!
I think I was pretty clever with this ;)

Last year, I felt like getting super high heels were the best way to get my style to the blogger level. Looking at bloggers like Aimee or Olivia Lopez, I felt so pressured to buy heels (especially super high heels like those Jeffrey Campbells that were so popular this past year). Ultimately, they looked so trendy and fashionable and I thought it was so much because of the heels. But I've discovered that although I did like these heels, heels of this height and heels in general are just not conducive for my lifestyle. Both at school and at home I live in hilly areas and cannot drive, so walking around in 6 in heels is a bit of a challenge. And that is why this year I'm looking for fun and fashionable shoes that are flat (or at the very worst 3 inches) and easy and comfortable to walk in. Sounds like a plan (and a future Daydreaming About Post)!
Lucky Brand "Tessa" High Heeled Sandals
"I hate heels, love how the look, but hate how they feel"

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What We're Daydreaming About: Closets

This morning I finally decided to unpack. You know, I figured it was about time since I got back home about 20 days ago. Honestly, I don't know how I survived like that with all those giant bags surrounding my bed for all this time. So after unpacking I came to the conclusion that I am a clothing hoarder. Now if you've ever been my roommate or been to my dorm room this past year, you are probably not all that surprised. After all, I managed to fill a double with all my stuff. That means I had two closets, two sets of drawers, and I had more plastic containers. But since this was just my room in my mind, that didn't really occur to me as weird. But today, when I finally unpacked I realized that I fully filled up my closet at home. And that was only the clothes I brought back for the summer. I left the majority of my stuff back at school....
So this was my giant epiphany. I am a clothing hoarder. I have an insane amount of clothes. At this point, I was trying to figure out a solution. Get rid of clothing I don't wear enough? Unfortunately, I've discovered that places like Crossroads hates my clothing. They're looking for strangely specific and in trend things. Like, if I had that currently trendy item, why would I be giving it to you? I would be wearing it! And just giving away my clothing to the Philippines like my mom wants me to do doesn't sound so amazing. Like if I'm not going to get any money, why wouldn't I just keep those clothes? It's not like I hate them. My second solution was to stop shopping. But that just a ridiculous proposition. The only real reason that would lessen my shopping would be an economic issue not to reduce my clothing amount. I just always want new things to spruce up my wardrobe. Don't you?
Now at this point, I was just frustrated. I didn't see any solution. And suddenly it came to me. Hi my name is Rachel and I'm a clothing hoarder but I do NOT have a problem. My shopping addiction is not a problem (yet, let's make sure I don't end up in credit card debt due to this addiction). My shopping and clothing hoarding is simply a means to my creativity and personal expression. The real problem is that I do not have enough space. And that is why I have made it my goal that when I am older and have my own place, I will have a beautiful gigantic closet to fit all the clothes of my dreams.
Do you recognize this closet? You should. It belongs to the iconic (although fictional) Carrie Bradshaw. I have to say, it's not too shabby for her apartment as a single women in NYC. Too bad the size of this is essentially the size of an apartment in NYC. But hopefully I'll have a super great paying job straight out of college and I'll be able to afford a whole lot of square footage when I'm in my 20s. 
I figured that since I included Carrie Bradshaw, I had to include her all grown up dream closet. I was pretty heartbroken that she didn't end up getting to live in this beautiful apartment after that whole fiasco. But the closet that Big created for her was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. So spacious, polished, and classic. I love the distinct style of the Carrie vs Big size. I also love how her stuff still found their way on his side. The rule should be her stuff gets priority no matter what side it's on.
Now after Oprah got a lovely look into Jcrew's one and only Jenna Lyons closet, I fell in love. This is exactly how my dream closet would be. Quite clearly, this is more than a wall-in-closet. This is a living room centered around clothing. And it makes me wonder why living room isn't focused on clothing. Like why would we ever center an entire room around a TV? Ok, actually now that I've written that I really hope she has a TV in there. I would love that. And a big comfy sofa. Like a big comfy chic sofa so it still fits into this lovely decor. I also love how the bookshelves contain shoes instead of books. The beautiful heels are reasonable replacements for beautiful spines.
Speaking of shoes. I love this cubby approach. This way every shoe has a home! Plus, it is just such a organized and clean looking approach.
I didn't expect Kate Bosworth to have such a beautiful closet for some reason. But it's honestly gorgeous, although the color pallet of the spring/summer season probably helped the photo out. I particularly enjoy her truck in the background. I'm in love with trucks. Maybe I'll do another Daydreaming segment on them soon

I obviously wouldn't mind if I could just take the entirety of Teen Vogue's closet. They can leave the clothes, I really don't mind.
Ultimately I'll just have to make a weird amount of money or marry rich to obtain this closet and all the beautiful clothes that would deserve a place in such a classy room. But a girl can daydream right?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Dress: Forever 21, Denim Jacket: Forever 21, Sandals: Sam Edelman, Sunglasses: Wishbone
Recently, I've been trying to be more careful with my shopping choices. Essentially, that means that I'm broke as hell and can no longer afford to go shopping on a normal basis. Back in high school, that would not have been as big of a huge deal. I actually would go shopping after school multiple times a week, but I just wouldn't buy things that often.  For some reason, I can't really do that any more. I just find "window shopping" depressing these days. I guess it's the difference between choosing to not buy anything but always having that option if I really wanted something and just not having any choice. But I have had some weak moments in my past month or so back. The other day was one of those moments. I got lunch with my mom downtown and she couldn't give me a ride home, thinking I would just hang out downtown like I did so often before. After wandering into fancy stores like Diptych or YSL, I stupidly wandered into Forever 21 and bought a long chiffon skirt. Then I wandered down the street and stupidly wandered into the other Forever 21. 
Actually, can we just take a short tangent on that? What is that? Why are there TWO three story Forever 21's within a block of each other in downtown San Francisco? First of all, I don't understand the point of this. Having the first one was enough for years, they definitely didn't need to get a new bigger building. And that's what I thought it was going to be, the new Forever 21. But they didn't move, they just opened a new one and never closed the other. So you might be reading this wondering why I'm complaining. Two giant Forever 21's sounds awesome, right? More options, more clothing, etc etc. But that's just the problem. The two stores have different stuff! I have to go to both. So after I bought my goods at Forever 21-1, I went to Forever 21-2 and ended up kicking myself because I found things I liked better. It's just inconvenient to have all your options located a block away from each other. 
So this dress is the item I bought my second round at Forever 21. I had yet to buy a high-low skirt or mullet skirt, whatever you call it. I'd seen the trend for some time now. I must admit, when I saw it at LF and Brandy Melville a while ago, I thought it was pretty stupid. But then I saw one pretty fashion forward girl at my school wearing one with a slouchy sweater and fell in love. She looked so chic and trendy! Unfortunately, I was not willing to drop too much money on this trend and haven't had the chance to properly go shopping at my cheap spots (aka Forever 21) for some time now. So when I found this dress with a pattern I really liked, in a material that looked quality and was only $17.95 I was so excited. So excited in fact, that I bought something from Forever 21 for the second time in an hour.
But today, when I was walking around with my new mullet dress, I felt strange. Although my knees were chilly, my skirt was clinging onto the back of my calf. It was just a weird and awkward sensation. I'm sure I'll get over it with time, but I'm not quite sure how worth it it is. Although back back in the day, the girl I spotted at school was super trendy wearing that skirt, that is no longer the case. The mullet skirt is so common this season that it's nothing special. And even more, this cut is just a trend. So next year, I wouldn't even be able to wear that skirt because it would be so last year. 
Therefore, I've decided that although I do like this dress, I probably won't buy any more mullet skirts or dresses any time soon. Instead, when I want a long skirt, I'll just buy a long skirt and vice versa. I just feel like these timeless cuts will be better choices in the long run (long run meaning 6 month time span). However, I have to say that I think a mullet dress would be really cool in a gown form. I mean, the mullet back is essentially a small train right? What are your opinions on this trend? Love it? Hate It? Hate me for not loving it?
Also, I wore this outfit to go driving with my dad! I'm totally getting the hang of it. Aren't you all proud of me for working on #15 of my Summer To Do List?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What We're Listening To: Ben Howard's Call Me Maybe

I'm sure that by now you have all heard the wonderful musical musings of Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe'. I remember the first time I heard the lyrics. Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe? I was in class and was positive that my friend was just showing me a giant joke. I mean, what was this song? What were those lyrics? She must be the only person in the world who even knew about this song by a random canadian chick.
But as my week continued, I realized that I had a couple lines stuck in my head and proceeded to find it on YouTube. After that, the entire song was stuck in my head. But not in an annoying way, in fact I wanted to hear it; it was just so catchy. I would be in my guy friends' room where they'd be listening to their dupstep or whatever and I would highjack the pregame music, forcing them to listen as I sung along with that one line like an overly hyper child: Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe? 
Soon after, my entire campus and apparently the whole world was singing these lines. I would be at a frat party or the "Jug" (a local nightclub of sorts in my college town) and everyone would scream with excitement as the recognizable intro would play. Suddenly the entire room would be singing giddily (or was that just drunkenly) Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe? And I have to admit that that's one of my favorite parts of this song. Everyone knows it, and everyone gets so excited when it comes on. It may be a trashy song, but I am in no way ashamed to admit that I love it. Even months after I first heard it.
With 'Call Me Maybe' becoming an overnight sensation, YouTube got in on the action. My favorite was definitely the video with the Harvard baseball team. They were just so cute! And who didn't just love the guy in the back sleeping the whole time. Or the not cute guy in the glasses who was actually super into it. My favorite part was probably at the end when they go back to chillin listening to their rap music.
But I recently found one that is completely stuck in my head and amazing by Ben Howard. For the past month or so, I've been listening non-stop to a rotation of Ben Howard songs and 'Call Me Maybe,' so when I saw this cover it just seemed perfect. Somehow, it even met my expectations. Ben Howard manages to make this catchy yet admittedly pretty dumb song beautiful and maybe even meaningful.
I'm not sure about all of you, but sometimes I can't hear the lyrics of songs, especially pop songs. That's part of the reason why I love covers so much. (Remember my obsession with this cover?) You just have a new singer, a new key, and a new way of approaching the song. They're no longer just the song and lyrics I know superficially, but they say it a little differently to make me listen. I'd trade my soul for a kiss, pennies and dimes for a kiss, I wasn't looking for this, but you're in my way. So not the most magical lyrics in the world, but nearly as horrible as the I missed you so bad, I missed you so so bad. You normally think about. I have to say my favorite moment of this video is the classic Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe? line. When he starts this line he looks up and just starts smiling. It's too cute! Check this video out and I promise you'll get 'Call Me Maybe' stuck in your head in a whole other way. This video is actually the inspiration for this post. So you should definitely listen to this video if you made it all the way down to this point.

If this post got you rehooked on 'Call Me Maybe' and are looking for more covers or videos, check out this link. Some of these other videos are pretty funny. Comment with reviews, other covers or funny videos and remember to follow!
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's Be Frank about Let's Be Frank

Outfit--Tank: American Apparel, Jacket: Crossroads, Shorts: Zara
Last week was a beautiful week in San Francisco. Unfortunately for me, I was writing that paper for the extended program I was on in NYC. I was convinced that that week was going to be the one gorgeous week of real summer San Francisco. (In case you didn't know San Francisco's summers are not the warmest things in the world. Remember the Mark Twain quote: the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco). Thankfully, this wasn't the case. Because the wonderful weather continued all the way until...yesterday.
BUT before the fog rolled back in, I managed to get in a trip to Crissy Field with my friend Rebecca. We walked from the marina to the warming hut, passing by all the amazingly cute little doggies on the way! When we reached the warming hut, we got a bite from Let's Be Frank, a fancy hot dog cart. The hot dog was $6 on some acme bread (one of the favorite bakeries in the city). Although I really wanted to be in love with this hot dog, it essentially tasted just like a $1.99 hot dog from Costco. Only that one comes with a drink and Let's Be Frank's sodas cost $3.
Me eating a $6 hot dog from Let's Be Frank
This experience made me question the foodie culture of San Francisco. I'll admit, I'm absolutely in love with the food in SF and miss it so much during the school year when I'm trapped in the cuisine of college cafeterias and upstate new york. However, sometimes the snobby level in San Francisco restaurants is a little too high. Like come on, essentially $10 for a soda and hot dog? That's ridiculous! 
Despite the fact that Let's Be Frank raped my wallet, I still really enjoyed my trip to Crissy Field. It was a beautiful sunny day and the view from the beach was beautiful. I also got to take some pictures of people's outfits for my internship with College Fashionista. I'll link them to my page when they go live! But I'm sure you were also wondering what I was wearing.
Me and my friend Rebecca! Look at how gorgeous the day is!
I was wearing a new chiffon orange shirt from American Apparel that I bought from the Warehouse store in NYC for $11! I paired that with a tribal jacket/cover thing that I bought from Crossroads during winter break. I was uncertain about whether I should buy this item at the time. The print was a little adventurous for me at the time. However, I've grown to love this jacket-cover up-thing. I've also grown to love tribal print. In fact, I even wrote an article about it for my last post with College Fashionista #shamelessplug So if you have anytime, you should check out my posts on College Fashionista. Thanks for visiting my blog and remember to follow!!
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daydreaming About: Karen Walker Sunglasses

So when I graduated high school, my brother told me he'd buy me a fancy pair of designer sunglasses. Now my brother has a bit of an obsession with designer goods in general, but designer sunglasses in particular.  He'll be driving around wearing his Gucci sunglasses or whatever other slightly gaudy brand you can imagine. Apparently, he has some smooshy story about getting a pair for every important event in his life. He also has this rule for fancy champagne.
Now at the time, I thought this was a horrible idea. Therefore, despite him being willing to spend like $500 on a pair of sunnies for me, I still rejected his offer. I figured that I break and lose cheap $10 Forever21 sunglasses all the time, why should I be trusted with a designer pair? In fact, $25 is probably the most money I've ever spent on any pair of sunglasses. That's probably a good thing since none of them have survived. Actually fun story. During my schools spring party weekend, I bought one pair just for the weekend. Got a free pair before the Avicii concert. Found a pair on the ground of a frat. By the end of the 3 days, I didn't have a single pair left. The rest of the sunny year was a bit of a challenge.
So for years, I've limited myself to cheap $15 sunglasses. The thing is that I'm actually really into the tortoise look with a slightly different shape than the classic fake RayBan. Unfortunately for me, anything original isn't really offered by that street vendor on Haight street or wherever else. Actually that seems like a pretty common theme for most things I like; they just don't seem to come cheap. But going back to sunglasses. I've actually seen a bunch of really cool sunglasses that perfectly meet my description and potentially even my fat facial structure. And weirdly enough, all of these sunnies have been from Karen Walker.
Now most people don't really talk about this glasses brand. I mean, it's definitely not as commonly known as RayBans. But I recognized this brand because back when I lived in France, before I made my I will never buy expensive glasses rule, I was considering buying this pair for the same reasons as I am contemplating them now! I figure since it's been almost 4 years, and I'm still lusting over a pair of Karen Walker tortoise sunglasses, maybe I should rethink this rule. So here are a couple pairs that I'm lusting over currently:

Tell me how y'all feel about them! They're all pretty expensive. And considering my track record, might not be the best idea. BUUT I'm thinking that they're fancy price tag might deter me from being a retard around them and they fancy hard case I'll put them in will protect them from my ass when I sit on my bag for no apparent reason (that was the tragic ending for my favorite pair of sunnies from high school). Tell me your opinions, which one do you like the best, if you think it's a horrid idea etc etc. And remember to FOLLOW if you like my blog and COME BACK!
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who We're Listening To: Foxes (Louisa Rose Allen)

Now I'm just chasing time
with a thousand dreams I'm holding heavy
and as we cross the line these fading beats have all been severed
don't tell me our youth is running out
Its only just begun

I've been listening to these lyrics non-stop for about two months now. I found the singer Louisa Rose Allen, who goes by "Foxes" when I was YouTube surfing while procrastinating at the library. An eery picture of children with masks on popped up and started playing what is probably her most popular song "Youth." Within this song, I discovered a wonderful combination of beautiful soothing female vocals, up beat electro-pop,  meaningful and original lyrics, and even some heavy percussion by the end.
Now I'm normally a sucker for female vocals similar to Louisa Rose Allen but I found the electro-pop element a refreshing change from the normally calming and honestly depressing character of similar female singers. Like honestly, I was getting pretty sick of people asking me why my music library was so depressing and indistinguishable.
Now if the original version of "Youth" isn't up beat or dance enough for you, you might want to check out the Adventure Club Remix. I also found this through YouTube surfing (it was the Recommended Video on the side of Youth), and it's amazing. In general, I really enjoy Adventure Club Remixes. They tend to choose artists and songs that I absolutely adore--genuine artists with beautiful voices--and add something new. Actually, they do a great job of making my favorite depressing artists slightly more fun. Although "Youth" didn't need this makeover, it's still a great remix.
In fact, it's such a great remix, that it gave Foxes a little bit more attention. The other day, I played the original song for my friend at her house and she recognized it from the Adventure Club remix. Despite this increase of attention and popularity,  I still don't think she's as big as she should be. But because she's still not that big, she's still giving away some of her songs for free!  You should also check out her SoundCloud. 
Last but not least, she's coming to America this summer! Unfortunately she's not going to be visiting San Francisco. Obviously my foggy little city isn't important enough. But she is visiting other major cities on the American Coast including LA, DC, NYC, and Boston. More specifics are on her website under the live section.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer 2012 To Do List

Throughout the summer, I’m going to come back to this list of goals during what will be my near daily blog posts (refer to #26). The idea behind this list is to prevent myself from committing suicide from boredom and a lack of productivity this summer. I’m hoping that an additional product of this list will be that I will have more to blog about creating more regular blog posts! Although, I must admit I’m skeptical about how much of this I’m actually going to achieve. Some of these are of higher priority, such as making money, buying clothes, gaining some cooking skills, learning to drive and taming my growing ass. So basically the entire list now that I come to think of it. Buuuutt I’m also writing this post at 6 o’clock in the morning because I couldn’t sleep for my life and I chose to do this instead of work on my paper due Thursday. TYPICAL! Ok, I'm going to try to go to bed now. Hopefully I can still sleep even though the sun is beginning to seep through my window. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Did You Know Guru is Sanskrit?

Outfit--Chambray Shirt: AA, Skirt: Marc Jacobs, Flats: H&M
I just finished up my extended study in NYC. If you didn't know, I was basically being a giant nerd for 3 weeks because I voluntarily signed up to take classes for an additional 3 weeks after summer started. COOL. But it was actually pretty fun. We got to talk to reps from different UN Missions throughout NYC. One of the most interesting things was seeing which missions would be the most hospitable (aka where'd we'd get the most free food). Now we saw the likes of the US, UK, France, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, South Korea, etc. Where oh where was the best to visit? IRAN AND IRAQ OF COURSE! We got free pastries from both. Iran gave posters and  I <3 Iran cards, Iraq had a gorgeous building on the Upper East Side. Ultimately, what I learned was that visiting officials from rogue states is way too much fun! Axis of Evil more like Axis of yummy pastries. I now regret not having the opportunity to see the free swag from North Korea. But all jokes aside, it was a wonderful and enriching experience. So after my 3 weeks in Manhattan I am thoroughly nerded out, my bank accounts are empty, and I have a 10 page paper to write. YIPEEE!
Here are some completely unrelated outfit pictures. I had to take a picture of myself on campus for my new internship with CollegeFashionista. Now I must admit that the word "intern" for this position is a little generous. I'm really just writing a weekly article on a street style picture I take and giving "STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK." For our first article, we had to provide a "Style Guru Bio". If you like, you should check it out out HERE! Throughout the summer, I'll probably put little links to my weekly articles so WATCH OUT!

So back to the outfit, cuz I'm lookin supa cuuuuute! I know you've been staring at my beautifully patterned green skirt since you opened this blog entry. Where oh where did I get it? Well, if you must know it's actually Marc Jacobs circa 2005. It's practically vintage. I know, I'm like totally cool. But actually this skirt is my bat mitzvah skirt from 7th grade. I still remember spotting the skirt and its matching dress that I actually had my eye on from the escalator while I was shopping. This was the first time I had heard of Marc Jacobs and obviously my first of many Marc Jacobs purchases. I have to admit, that I miss this style of Marc Jacobs. His stuff is not really my style anymore, but I will always hold this skirt dear to my heart. I'm also pretty happy that I didn't choose the dress because there is no way my ass would be able to fit into the same dress as my 13 year old self. I gave the skirt a preppy vibe with a chambray shirt from American Apparel. The only problem with this outfit is that my shirt always like rises out of it and makes me look fat. I wish there was some way to keep shirts perfectly tucked in your high rise skirts. Anyone else agree? Ok, I'm off to write my paper. JOKES! I'm off to watch Pretty Little Liars and then get lunch for my big bro's 30th bday (haha he's so old).