Friday, June 29, 2012

What We're Listening To: KO KO

I really wanted to have an outfit post ready for you guys today, and I swear I've been wearing some cute outfits to work this week! Unfortunately, I have not had time to find someone to take pictures of me and I think it would be weird if I just asked one of my new coworkers to take a picture in the alleyway during my lunch break. So instead, I'm doing a music post of a band that I found in April.
Now if you're my friend on Facebook, you might have already seen this because I posted it on a friends wall the night I found it while procrastinating at the library. Isn't studying time the best time to make grand discoveries on the internet?
The band is called KO KO and it consists of a brother duo from Southern California, Ryan and Taylor Lawhon. The Lawhon brothers hailing from sunny Southern California seems to have expressed itself in their music. Even if the darker moments of their EP, you still feel like these songs were made for the summer months.

This quality is most evident in the opening song "Float." This track includes whistling, a catchy melodic hook, pounding drums--every element to make a feel good summer moment. I actually liked this song so much I made it the default song for my tumblr.
But I have to admit that "So Strange" is probably my favorite on the 3 track EP. Opening with organs and a sad line of vocals rather than an upbeat whistle, this song is slightly more mysterious and spooky than "Float." Altogether it seems like a more well-rounded track than the first two and is a perfect way to end the EP, leaving the listener searching desperately for more.
Although this post is a couple months late, it's actually perfect timing. KO KO has been releasing their EP free on Bandcamp on the 29th of every month. These downloads have been ridiculously popular and have reached their limit by the 30th every time. So if you like these songs, I suggest you check out their Bandcamp tomorrow and pray that you snag one of their EPs for free!


  1. Wow love discovering new songs and bands. This sounds great! Longing more and more for good weather :)Love your blog btw!


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  3. This is the first I have ever heard of them. Love the song!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. I didn't know this band but I listened to the song you posted and sounds good! :)
    Thanks for the message trough IFB. Following you.

    See you!

  5. awesome song! i will definitely check them out thanks! btw, what school do you go to upstate? i go to SUNY Bing

  6. they have a nice sound! &that's awesome you saw grease at the castro too:) did you dress up as a character? the energy there is unbeatable, hope you had a good time!

  7. straight on to the download list! thanks for recommending!


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