Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's Be Frank about Let's Be Frank

Outfit--Tank: American Apparel, Jacket: Crossroads, Shorts: Zara
Last week was a beautiful week in San Francisco. Unfortunately for me, I was writing that paper for the extended program I was on in NYC. I was convinced that that week was going to be the one gorgeous week of real summer San Francisco. (In case you didn't know San Francisco's summers are not the warmest things in the world. Remember the Mark Twain quote: the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco). Thankfully, this wasn't the case. Because the wonderful weather continued all the way until...yesterday.
BUT before the fog rolled back in, I managed to get in a trip to Crissy Field with my friend Rebecca. We walked from the marina to the warming hut, passing by all the amazingly cute little doggies on the way! When we reached the warming hut, we got a bite from Let's Be Frank, a fancy hot dog cart. The hot dog was $6 on some acme bread (one of the favorite bakeries in the city). Although I really wanted to be in love with this hot dog, it essentially tasted just like a $1.99 hot dog from Costco. Only that one comes with a drink and Let's Be Frank's sodas cost $3.
Me eating a $6 hot dog from Let's Be Frank
This experience made me question the foodie culture of San Francisco. I'll admit, I'm absolutely in love with the food in SF and miss it so much during the school year when I'm trapped in the cuisine of college cafeterias and upstate new york. However, sometimes the snobby level in San Francisco restaurants is a little too high. Like come on, essentially $10 for a soda and hot dog? That's ridiculous! 
Despite the fact that Let's Be Frank raped my wallet, I still really enjoyed my trip to Crissy Field. It was a beautiful sunny day and the view from the beach was beautiful. I also got to take some pictures of people's outfits for my internship with College Fashionista. I'll link them to my page when they go live! But I'm sure you were also wondering what I was wearing.
Me and my friend Rebecca! Look at how gorgeous the day is!
I was wearing a new chiffon orange shirt from American Apparel that I bought from the Warehouse store in NYC for $11! I paired that with a tribal jacket/cover thing that I bought from Crossroads during winter break. I was uncertain about whether I should buy this item at the time. The print was a little adventurous for me at the time. However, I've grown to love this jacket-cover up-thing. I've also grown to love tribal print. In fact, I even wrote an article about it for my last post with College Fashionista #shamelessplug So if you have anytime, you should check out my posts on College Fashionista. Thanks for visiting my blog and remember to follow!!
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  1. Great pictures! Looks like a fun time and that hot dog looks so yummy haha
    Love the orange top with that cute kimono wrap! Very pretty :)

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  5. love the cardigan/vest!!

    and wow, san francisco.. I am also going to visit SF this summer, super excited :D


  6. Beautiful view!!
    I like the cardigan :)

    - Laura

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  8. Pictures are stunning, I love your laidback look! Kisses

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