Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day! (La jour de l'Ane?)

so todays turkey day and I haven't posted anything for ages. That's bc a) i'm reasonably self-conscious and feel weird just asking my friends to go around taking pictures of me. I mean I'm borderline narcissistic, but really, that just cries out big ego. Don't worry. I'll get over it. oh and b) my computer is being a salope and not connecting to my iphone or my camera, so i can't download my pics. stupid i know.
So in memory of the Indians that were killed from smallpox, exiled from their land bc of land/freedom hungry americans, here's some pics from Halloween. I was Pocahontas, the disney movie version.
above is sara (football player), olivia (startrek), and chloe (some sort of angel from an art history painting)
I look borderline retarded in this pics, but it goes well with the day so whatever.
I have some awesome post ideas, so I will be posting again soon
(even though I should just lock myself in my house all break and crank out my apps, english paper, and french paper, FML)

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