Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Fur Hat...

Soooo....I got sidetracked and looked at some cobrasnake pictures. GAAHH! so this one girl was wearing this AMAZING fur hat. I want it. I've been wanting one for awhile, but whenever I try one on my friends always think i'm joking and start making fun of it too...I don't have the courage to tell them that....I love it. I want it. I Need It. 

Dear Fur Hat....You would Complete Me...Come Find Me Now. Thank You. 

above two from cobrasnake. So she doesn't look that attractive (those bulbs are SUPER bright, who could blame her for taking one or two bad pictures?) But the hat...the hat...

above two from the last one makes me so happy...


  1. Yeah it was a long long long night. Mark wasn't there though but he was at Toxic Avengers.

    I think most people in the city know each other one way or another. Pretty cool how that is.

  2. Actually I guess Cobrasnake was there but I didn't see him.

  3. What did you mean with these, I'm kind of confuse "PS. so jealous you're out (like the rest of the world) I still have another final"

  4. I love There photos !!
    I like so much the hat. I have lookbook too.

    Xx from sPain