Monday, December 14, 2009

Lust For Life

So i was going to do a real post tonight. But I have HELLA work to do (turns out I'm way behind on Apps aka I haven't started and they're half due on the 1st uhoh) So I start working on that shizz when my cousin sent me this lovely link that just led me down the road of procrastination. It's super cute and has lovely clips from around San Francisco. I'm using it as a goal for next semester. A dream, if you will, of my life after the storm is over (meaning i want to make an awesome music video like that around the bay area NOT that i want to make a video of ppl in the that would be awkward) 2ND SEMESTER YOU ARE ALMOST IN MY GRASPS! Just one more week and apps to go. WISH ME LUCK! 
here's the vid....

Super cute right? they're performing to SF in february apparently. Imma try to hit it up. How bout you join me?

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