Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die

So I'm a pretty big BLUE fan. There was actually a period of my life where almost every shirt I wore was blue. No joke. Now a days, I'm all about the black, greys, whites etc, but the only color that really makes a normal appearance?? You guessed it: BLUE. But I'm not the only one who loves BLUE....
Valeria "ValBlu" McCulloch was featured in a New York Magazine article on 5 new yorkers who wear nothing but a single color. She says she wears nothing but Yves Klein Blue which isn't entirely true...but you can't get that shade perfectly every time...
I know it's pretty intense. She actually has to PAINT her shoes BLUE. That's called dedication to the color BLUE.
Oh wait you don't know what Yves Klein Blue is? You don't know who Yves Klein is? Actually? He's the "Blue Guy"...

he legitimately created his own shade of blue (International Klein Blue or IKB) which he copyrighted and everything. He died, but now his wife owns it.

LOVE IT!! BLUE never looked so good...

I was looking through my Vogue Spring/Summer '10 collections book, and came across Giorgio Armani's collection. There was ALL THIS BEAUTIFUL BLUE. And not just any blue, but a beautiful shade and a silk (right?) material. I have a blue silk shirt and wear it ALL THE TIME. It's one of my favorite shirts...Soooo here's some lovely looks from Armani's show in Milan...of course featuring BLUE

And since it's the title's the I'm Blue Video...CHECK IT


  1. love the IKB.. nice choice of video

  2. I love blue!

  3. I love this post. Blue is so amazing =) And I loved that shade of blue!

  4. the music video just sets everything off in a wonderful way.We remember back in the early 2000s when that song was THE bigggest thing. what was wrong with us? haha no, but did you learn about that painting from JP by any chance? Art history is proving to be so useful in everyday life.Whenver we travel with our host families we show em who's boss with our chateau lingo. chouette.

    Rebecca, Maddy, Madeline and Alec
    La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society

  5. Blue is one of my favourite colours at the moment, its beautiful! And that photo of the woman who wears nothing but that shade is amazing- almost looks like a film set or something!
    Thanks for the lovely comment.

  6. i love all your photos, blue is my favorite colour... i love that deep, bold one you have!

  7. this is actually really cool, like the klein/armani comparison, JP would be proud

  8. I love so many blues, the blue of the sky gives me such a feeling of peace and wellbeing (living in England it is a rare treat to see it), 80s electric blue so evocative of my childhood, indigo blue, Santorini blue, navy- tres chic! I am pale in complexion and have blue tones to my skin so I think it suits me. My absolute favourite is IKB Blue. When I saw IKB79 IN Tate Liverpool I just wanted to dive into it.