Sunday, February 28, 2010

the Ghost Cast Cries Out

Hey you guys!
I have a couple things to share with you. First of all, I have no new pictures to show you because my beloved MacbookPro has been CRACKED! You can see nothing on the screen, it's torture! I miss my baby! More importantly, I miss my computer's camera. I depend on vid chatting with my friends, and now I have to call them on my phone...ew.
I haven't been feeling so fabulous recently, so I stayed in my house for a couple days. I came out of hibernation yesterday to hang out with some friends in the Mission. Valencia has so many quirky little shops! Ah! Love them! We also did like some mild thrifting on the mission, but we were too tired to do any serious searching, so we both left empty handed. Instead, we went to Mission Pie and got some absolutely scrumptious pie!! SCORE! After I hung out with another friend to go to a NoisePop festival concert of We were given jetpacks or something like that. We didn't buy tickets ahead of time. They were sold out. We're Brilliant. After we just drove around downtown attempting to see the Chinatown new years festival. Let me tell you, traffic was horrible, streets we blocked, I wanted to kill myself. We ended up just drinking some tea, eating some ice cream and watching the September Issue. I like Devil Wears Prada better.

Oh and remember all those rooftop pictures I took in the last two weeks? My roof is mom is blaming me. It probably is my fault. Damn it. I asked!!

SOOO.. here's a video that I think is pretty fun by Ghost Cat. It's kind of old. But its still just as fun as it was this summer so hush!

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