Friday, February 19, 2010

Pillow Fight

On Valentines Day, I did not have a romantic date. I did not walk around with my date as we talked about our lives and watched the sunset. No. My Valentines day was not as cute. Instead it was rather aggressive, violent either. What did I do? You may ask. Well, I went to a Pillow Fight. And no, I do not mean some petty pillow fight during a little slumber party (although a sleepover did occur). Rather, this was a flash pillow fight, and outdoor pillow fight, a city wide pillow fight. The Pillow Fight. It was pretty damn intense, basically.
I actually let out soo much aggression and was totally into it. I was running through the crowds just randomly hitting people, which you were supposed to do right? The funny part was that I would hit some people and they would look at me like, "Why did you just me on the head with a pillow?" Uh well, 'cus you're at a PILLOW FIGHT silly. So much fun. I'm so sad that this is the first year I knew about it, and next year I won't be here! Hmm, ok so whatever college I'm going to next year, I'm definitely going to try to encourage the organization of a city/campus wide pillow fight.

Intense right? There were feathers everywhere. People were even wearing masks. Actually ridiculous. I was having some major allergies.
At one point, I was pushed (or fell) to the crowd in the middle of the pillow fight. There were so many people around me that I couldn't get up. I was terrified that I would be trampled and appear on the 6 o'clock news "Young high school girl trampled to death in city wide pillow fight." Luckily someone picked me up and wished me a Happy Valentines Day. I was still traumatized from my near death experience and within seconds I was running through the crowd wacking away.

I was so hyper after the pillow fight that I was just running down the streets taking pictures with my friends camera (like the one below). As you can see, I was running around and my skirt kind of got shorter. Good thing I was wearing those spandex!

In the end, it was a pretty good night. I found a pretty good vid below. Check it.

You might notice that I'm wearing slightly different outfits during the pillow fight and after the pillow fight. I was super cold before the pillow so I put on my Talula sweatshirt, but after all of that I was overheating.
Outfit: Denim Jacket, Loose Tank Top, Sweatshirt, Skirt: Talula at Aritzia, Shoes: UO, Bandeau: Free people

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  1. Looks like so much fun. Wow lucky you have 3 animal print skirts, that is very cool. The topshop ones look great, but there is no topshop in New Zealand, I have to shop online.