Friday, February 5, 2010

A Night At the Dramera/Opera

So awhile back my friend Mattie (you can look back and see her in some previous posts) was performing in this collection of scenes from some famous Operas. Me and some of our chorus friends went all the way to Los Altos I believe with her parents to watch the MAGIC. Quite honestly, the Dramera was the most unique experience I had ever had in my life. The lines were just so unbearably corny. Another plus. There was one opera seen where the girls had to act like cats. The music was to meows with such dissonance in order to sound like a chorus of cats. It would have been unbearable, however on of the girls was just HILARIOUS and made it my favorite part of the whole night.
Here's some pics from the night. Courtesy of Camille's gorgeous camera.
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Eva's such a camera whore.
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Gorgeous face. I know. I should model.
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PS. I've been searching for faux fur jacket for ages. There was this amazing one at Urban that beautiful and perfect. But also $160. Just ridiculous. Nonetheless, I wanted one so much that I was tempted to buy one so overwhelmingly expensive. BUT I went 'thrifting' and found this one for only $20!!!
PPS. My mom picked me up the next morning and said "What are you WEARING? That's what BLACK PEOPLE WEAR!" I know. She's ridiculous. And apparently a 'tad' racist.

outfit- Shirt: UO, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Belt: Coach, Shoes: UO, Jacket: Thrifted


  1. Thank u !!
    As i can see, you are join fur, looks pretty good, and the price too! , nothing hookerish ;)

    And don´t be afraid of wearing animal prints!