Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dizzy with Excitement

Remember when I went to see Dizzy Balloon in concert a couple weeks ago? Well, while I was at the concert, they recorded a music video. Guess what! Yours Truly is in it! Multiple times! It even zooms in on me! Who can tell me where they spot Colored Shadows? Although they are still a relatively unknown--I'm not even sure they are signed with anyone, I'm actually pretty sure they aren't--and besides the fact that I don't think they're music is that spectacular, this is still quite exciting. It's my first debut in a music video! Of course, not my first youtube video, but this one is relatively legit and already has 530+ views and it was just released yesterday! Pas mal...ouais?
I would describe the song as cute. It IS quite repetitive and after listening to it like 4 times to find myself it, it got kind of , annoying--BUT REPETITIVENESS IS PROVEN TO BE CATCHY! Yea, so drop me a line about the band, the blog, the video, the time(s) I appear, how cute/ugly/ridiculous/annoying I look...

PS as the picture above says they're performing this Sunday afternoon at the Bottom of the Hill for the NoisePop Festival, which you guys should all check out if you're in the San Francisco Area. I'm planning on going!

Gros Bis


  1. love your use of jean shorts. I cant wait for warmer weather

  2. gorgeous
    loving the inspiration
    love your blog, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing as always


  3. i already told you... but that video is very cute!