Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Young Artists: Rachael Gorai-Ng

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Rachael Gorai-Ng is an old friend of mine from grammar school. She is 18 years old and is a senior at Lowell High School in San Francisco. Two of her pieces of featured above and a self portrait below. I asked her a couple questions about her work...

Why did you start doing ceramics? Your work in 3D?
I have actually never done 3D art before this year. I had always done painting, and it didn't really occur to me to take 3D until I heard we had an AP Studio Art class in 3D at my school.

How do you choose your subjects?
it's hard to choose the subjects for my inspiration. Instead, I like to experiment with different materials and techniques and then choose my subject from the shapes and forms I begin to develop in the process.

What's your favorite piece you've done so far?
My favorite piece so far has been the copper enamel flower jewelry piece. It took me a couple weeks to make and a few extra studio hours, but it was definitely worth it. The extensive process certainly made me appreciate the time and effort that go into jewelry making. I cut the petals of the flower from a copper sheet that I then shaped and enameled separately. [pictured above]

Who is your favorite artist?
I admire Andy Warhol, Yves Klein, and Alexander Calder for their bold colors and bold ideas.

Tell us about a current piece your working on.
Currently I'm working on an abstract piece. Right now, I'm focusing a lot of my pieces on the lives of bees. I made a bee out of wood - a very structured architectural piece - that I'm draping clay over to create another piece out of the outside shape or the negative space inside

Describe your style.
One of my closest friends once described my style as somehwhat preppy boho. haha. I can agree with that though I've always had trouble describing my style exactly. I like earthy colors and patterns, but I also like tucking my shirts in :)

Who are your favorite brands/designers?
I LOVEEEEE free people. My absolute favorite brand. My absolute FAVORITE designer is JMendel. AMAZING SHIT.

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What color would your shadow be?
Yellow. Like Sunshine Yellow.


  1. rachael's art is so amazing! i especially appreciate her attention to detail. it really makes her pieces look beautifully finished.
    i also definitely see warhol and calder influences in her art!
    thanks for this awesome post rachel!
    p.s. i would love to see how her bee project goes.

  2. The flower necklace is beautiful! I can't believe she made that!

  3. The floral necklace is incredible!

  4. wow really beautiful work:) Nice post doll ;)

  5. her flower thing is super cute! It looks really heavy though!
    I love your Young Artists idea!!

  6. the flower necklace is stunning, i'm envious of her talent! and i can definitely see warhol in her work.

  7. wow amazing self portrait!! your so talented
    thanks for your sweet comment :)

  8. I've always thought Rachael was a talented artist and a really amazing person.