Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sorry Tim, I prefer it Old School.

So a while ago, I mentioned that I was super excited to see Alice and Wonderland! I found this wonderful spread that appeared in Vogue awhile back and was inspired to see Tim Burton's film. I saw it. I'm definitely a bigger fan of the original disney classic. I'm definitely a bigger fan of the vogue spread. Basically, I wasn't a huge fan of it. It threw you in to this strange world, but didn't give you much a story. The story it DID give you was, well, the Chronicles of Narnia. During the movie, I actually started thinking of the Chronicles of Narnia, expecting to see a giant Lion. And they could have gotten away with that with the visuals and the crazy world. Problem is...i've already seen this world. I saw this world already when I was a wee child, so, maybe you did make it with a green screen instead of a cartoon this time round, but still nothing really that new. The Queen of hearts was pretty funny, I guess...I understand the bad reviews now.
I received this video from multiple different people, so I decided to post it. It's pretty cool, actually. Tim Burton, this is how you remake the original..Oh, and on a side note. My brother right now is working on the Junior League Fashion Show. Guess what the theme is! Alice and Wonderland. I helped out and told them where to get some cheap straw hats. I basically saved the show. You know. I might go, we'll see if their take on Alice is more successful than this movie.


  1. that video is all from me! i've been putting it all over facebook! nice post!

  2. Ugh. I love Alice in Wonderland and it pains me to hear this. I was going to watch it but I dunno now.

    Also, I want pictures of your brother's Alice in Wonderland show.