Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Life in Parks

Missed me? I know, I know. How did you survive without your daily dose of Rachel? Well, probably some of you have been getting a pretty regular dose of Rachel and that's the reason I haven't been able to post anything here on "These Colored Shadows." So a little while ago, it was my friend Catherine's Bday (seen in Mattie's bday post) and she had a wonderful sleepover. To get her present, I headed over to ParkLife on clement. It's a pretty cool store/gallery/blog. I'm currently talking to one of the guys working there to get an internship. I'm being pretty lazy about it, but I'll be more rigorous, promise! I will get a job! I will get some experience and/or money.
I bought these pretty sick birthday cards that are super thin wood (you can see the grain and everything) with big ben or some other designs in gold on top. They were my favorite part of the gift. I got my brother this mini-gold lighter to make up for the poor xmas gift I bought him. There was no real occasion; I just saw it and thought I needed to get it for him. That's basically my approach on gift-giving nowadays. Yes, I look slightly douche-ish on the real gift day. But in the end, they get a much better gift. You know?
So you guys should really check ParkLife out. They have a lot of cool and quirky things. Tons of t-shirts and PLENTY of very unique/artsy/hipster/photo/fashion/advertising/ anything books. Plus they have other little trinkets, magazines, artwork etc etc etc. They also have some pretty cool jewelry.

Here's some things I've bought for friends from Park Life...

I got this for my friend Whit for her 'belated' (6 months later) bday.

I really want to get this for my art history teacher from last year. Bad idea? Maybe...

So basically, you can tell that Park LIfe has some pretty cool stuff. It's like this quirky little SF shop/gallery space. Y'all should check it out.


  1. All these look beautiful. Love the card. yes get it for your ex art history teacher .Thanks so much for your kind kind comment on my blog, I will definetely come back to your blog, I just have actually. haha. You are gorgeous by the way. Love your adorable, comfortable, stylish outfits you wear. xox

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment! So glad you were able to find my blog and that you digg it..I also like yours! :)

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rabbit foot. I would even retire my actual rabbit foot for that!