Friday, March 26, 2010

Cole Garage

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Every morning, I catch my bus in Cole Valley. It's a cute little part of San Francisco that I didn't know exist before I moved up the hill from it. Now, it's a pretty basic part of my life. It managed to maintain this cute, small town America vibe in my opinion. the buildings are all one or two levels on the main street, there's the local cafes, bakery (la boulange), market, post office, video store, hardware store (yes, Cole Hardware was started on Cole street) and a bunch of restaurants. The garage (auto repair) is maybe the most unusual and unexpected part of Cole Valley. It's honestly a row of little restos and cafes and places where young parents go...and a garage right on the main street. But the garage demonstrates the very neigborhood-y vibe in Cole Valley. You see all those dogs painted on the wall? Those are all real, neighborhood dogs! My friend's dog can be found there, the chubster chihuahua Xoxoa. Soooo come out to Cole Valley! I suggest going to Zazie's for some Brunch and try to get some of those Miracle Pancakes.

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Don't mind my face and strange pose. I was just trying to engage with the painting. I won't do it again.

Outfit: Striped Top: H&M, Denim Jacket, Golden Bow on Jacket: H&M, Dress: AA, Shoes: UO (May they RIP)


  1. nice blog...i like your outfit!