Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunflowers on a Sunny Day

Hey Dearies!
Sorry I haven't really posted for awhile. I've been quite sick recently and haven't been in the mood to post. Plus, as usual, I haven't been able to load any new pictures for awhile. I really need to buy one of those things to connect your memory card to your computer, and maybe a new camera...Ok, going back. So recently in San Francisco, we've had some sunny weather. You remember how I'm sick? So i've just been staring at the beautiful sunny, blue skies. It's been horrible. I've been eating a lot of Miette graham crackers with berries to soften my sorrow. So here's a picture of me, enjoying beautiful weather, outside, nice and healthy eating ice cream (oh how i miss you) and holding some sunflowers. Taken in DC visiting my friends Lizzo and Sanam this past summer. I know, forever ago.
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photo cred: Lizzo

Outfit- Skirt: AA, Shirt: Michael Stars, Gladiators: France

And while I was sick (aka right now) I've been watching a lot of movies, That 70s Show, looking for prom dresses (in vain), and watching some YouTube Videos. In case you didn't know, Lookbook and AA collaborated to make a little book. They made a little video:


  1. What a stunning and absolutely gorgeous flower and outfit . Please visit my blog sometime. Love your images you source for your blog. x

  2. I like this pic with the flower! Spring! yay!

  3. so cute, i love the bright orange skirt with the giant sunflowers!