Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Please, I Should Be 'The Mayor'

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I just joined foursquare last week. I'm not quite sure why I hadn't joined before, since it basically is advanced instagram that comes with tips. Since I've been obsessed with making sure I post my location on all my instagrams and my instagram is almost entirely food, foursquare makes perfect sense for me. 
Since I'm such a late and recent addition, this week I've been trying to check in as much as possible. (However, I only check into restaurants and always forget that locations, neighborhoods, and stores are also something you can check into at foursquare). So far, it's been pretty fun but there's been one thing that I've found annoying about being a 'Newbie' foursquare. Every time I check-in to a new restaurant (or really anyplace), it tells me CONGRATS! This is your first time at this restaurant or CONGRATS! This is your first ___ type of restaurant. 
This has been particularly annoying this week, since I've mainly been going to all of my favorite restaurants that I'm pretty much a regular at. This was particularly true at Sushi Raw in the Lower Haight. I first went to Sushi Raw with my family because my grandma lives around the corner, but I kept going because my friend Camille lives right next to it too. They also have pretty reasonable prices, so everyone time I come home, I go there for some sushi or soup. 
Despite going to school on the East Coast, I manage to go to Sushi Raw so often that they greet me with a friendly welcome (even more than their normal welcome) and I frequent it more than my parents do.
In my opinion, there should be some sort of test or way to get the 'Local' badge or 'Mayor' position on foursquare even if you just joined. Honestly, them knowing where I go to college, where my grandma lives, general knowledge about  my parents and friends should mean more than how many times I remembered to press the little 'check-in' button. Right?
Udon after a long day is always such a great choice. It's nice and warm, which is always perfect in foggy San francisco. But it's also the cheapest thing you can get at a sushi restaurant at about $8 while being extremely filling (way more filling than sushi). Not to mention, that it is really healthy. Look at all those yummy veggies! (But don't worry, if you want a less healthy option, tempura udon is always a great choice!)


  1. Thanku for your lovely comment!! It looks delicious!



  2. The food looks really delicious! Great photos dear. :)
    Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!

    xx, Mela