Sunday, June 9, 2013


When I'm away at school, the main thing I miss is ethnic food. Growing up in San Francisco, I was used to have authentic and absolutely amazing anything-you-can-imagine food. When I was little, my favorite restaurants were thai, chinese, and mexican. As I got older, I ventured into puerto rican, burmese and nepalese food as well. So when I come home for breaks, there are a couple stops I just have to take. One of these is Indian food.
I met up with my friends Camille and Mattie one night after they both got off of work and headed over to the Mission to get dinner. While the Mission District is best known for mexican food (big surprise there), I had already had mexican food three times at that point so we opted for Indian at Pakwan instead. Pakwan was the perfect choice since it was pretty fast and cheap (like Mexican), but wasn't yet another burrito. Here's some pics!
Mattie is certainly happy with the food!

Also, I just joined foursquare. Add me!

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  1. I love the Mission district! This food looks amazing too. Hope you had a lovely time x