Friday, June 7, 2013


After my amazing five months in Europe, it was finally time to go home. However, I had to get through a 38 hour journey before I arrived in my hometown of San Francisco. Now in case you didn't figure this out yourself, that is not a normal amount of time for a flight. That is because this journey wasn't a simple GVA-->SFO non-stop flight, but instead a Geneva-->Amsterdam-->Boston-->Minneapolis-->San Francisco adventure. Oh and did I mention that I had a 22 hour layover in Boston!?
Luckily, I have friends in Boston, including one of my best friends Rui who I hadn't seen for a year since we went abroad different semesters. So this ridiculously long flight home wasn't a complete pain in my butt, but was also a great opportunity for me to catch up with some friends. 
But it wasn't only a good opportunity to catch up with friends, but also a nice little opportunity to celebrate being 21 in America. I had turned 21 in April and had a little weekend trip to London. However, turning 21 in Europe is kind of a underwhelming experience. To start off my legal American drinking career, we met up with our friend Nicole, who had also just come back from abroad, and headed over to Boston (Rui was staying in a MIT frat house in Cambridge). 
After wandering around, we stumbled on this pretty nice bar with the prices to match the fancy ambiance. Unfortunately, Rui got this great idea to start chatting with these guys so they would buy us drinks. Even more unfortunately, these guys were not cute but rather old, creepy Arab men. So creepy in fact, that one of them asked me if I had ever been with an Arab man and if I would like to....Not particularly enjoying our conversation, I beelined for the bathroom and chatted with some girls as I pretended to fix my makeup. 
After Nicole had come to the bathroom for similar escaping tactics, we decided to leave and took a cab back to Cambridge. There, we met up with some friends Nicole had made in Costa Rica. Quickly, we realized that we had actually crashed a birthday party of some 27-year-old chick....we were most definitely the youngest people there. Somehow, we made friends with some of the guests and we headed over to an 'after-party' at an apartment close by. Mind you, I had just come back from Europe that very day so it was 2am and I woke up at 7am Switzerland time--that was almost 24 hours earlier. And where was I? I was in an apartment in Cambridge with a group of 26-28 year old grad students as I sipped on a cocktail. 

These are some pictures we took after we woke up at 7am (note the 5 hours of sleep) and got breakfast with our friend Suzie.  Harvard and MIT have the best campus housing, right by the river with amazing views. I can only imagine how much these buildings would go for if they weren't disgusting and covered with beer. 
So that's what I did during my layover in Boston. I guess you could say those 22 hours were pretty eventful. 
humid + airplane hair = not cute

Outfit--Shirt dress: Topshop, Flats: Banana Republic, Sunglasses: Banana Republic

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