Wednesday, May 22, 2013

There's a Fish on my Fish: Sushi at Uchitomi

Yesterday, I got sushi with Zoe after our final class with Hofmann and Krause. I vowed I would never get asian food while I was abroad, but apparently I crave that shit way more than I thought. Zoe and I already had a sushi craving this past weekend, when I looked up this place online. If you look up "Sushi in Geneva" a bunch of results pop up that are essentially a million Americans or Brits desperately craving their favorite cuisine from home. They are also craving the prices they had a home, but settling for whatever they can get.
One highly recommended sushi spot was uchitomi. It was described as good quality and cheap. I got two pre-made rolls for lunch and a water bottle, which came out to about 21chf. That's Geneva for you! It also goes to show how desperate people are when it comes to prices if they consider that lunch price reasonable and even cheap.
Look at this artsy angle of my sushi that makes it look absolutely amazing. Look at that spicy tuna! YUM!
oooo there's a fish on my fish! This is actually what they put the soy sauce in. It cost 20¢ extra -__-
I got a spicy tuna roll and a tempura roll (I finish things I don't like as much first). 
The spicy tuna was actually pretty good, the tempura roll could use some avocado or some kind of moisture
This is a more realistic picture of my sushi, basically a lot of trash.
Isn't it funny how food looks better close up while people always look gross and pimply
This is Zoe coming back to the table with two 20¢ soy sauce fish
I forgot to mention that my 21ch lunch was held in a grocery store. Oh Geneva.


  1. humm yummy i love sushi so MUCH!!!!

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