Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seeing Spots: Polka Dots

Seeing Spots

Bustier top / Alexander Wang cropped jacket / J.Crew long pencil skirt / Lanvin choker necklace

So today is yet another Polyvore day. Because I have to wear business casual clothing to my job at Banana Republic about five times a week and my business casual wardrobe is limited, I have not been coming up with a lot of different Outfit Post worthy outfits. And whenever I do, I'm always running late and don't have time to take pictures with the appropriate lighting and angles that would be worthy of your readership. In fact, I've had my parents take pictures of two of my outfits this week, but they sucked at getting the lighting right and I didn't even bother posting them. We're bumping up the quality in this joint and we can't have any poor lighting!!
Now, I've decided that every Monday I'm probably going to end up presenting you with a Polyvore. Why? you may ask. Well, every Monday my post for College Fashionista is published on my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK. And I figure that presenting you with an outfit highlighting the trend I documented on the street and discussed in my post would be perfect. Yea? Ultimately this will make these posts pretty short because you'll have a 500 word article on College Fashionista to read instead! YEYYYYY!!!!
The picture from my article. It's hard to get a good picture in the middle of downtown SF!
But as you might have guessed based on my Polyvore collage, my style advice of the week is on polka dots. Despite apparently originating from England, the polka dot just seems so American to me. And I'm honestly not that completely off-base in connecting those two (despite what my editor told me). The polka dot first gained traction in the 1920s when the Minnnie Mouse illustration was presented in her signature polka dot dress. Later on, celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe donned the dots and they also became the staple in Lucille Ball's wardrobe for I Love Lucy. Today, polka dots are just as popular as ever and a great pattern to play with to add some youth and playfulness to any outfit! Check out more of my advice and musings over polka dots in my post at College Fashionista. Also, check out my Pinterest Board focusing on polka dots for more visual ideas on how to wear them.
Ok I need to go to bed right now which you probably could've guessed because my writing right now is atrocious. But I promise I'll be back soon with a more legitimate post than this.


  1. seriously your pants are so the look.xx

  2. I really like polka dots, did not know they were from england! but they totally remind me of minnie... sometimes I cannot wear them because of that :D But i really like them, specially in black and beige tones...
    Wanna follow each other on blogloviN?
    Let me know ^^

  3. Very gorgeous blog :) follow each other? :))


  4. I loved this post! Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that i'm a huge fan of polka dots...hahaha
    Great blog... i'm already following you via google friend connect.
    Hope you do the same ;)

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