Thursday, July 12, 2012

Promoted Without a Raise

The last couple days at work, I've been in a pretty bad mood. I felt like I was failing at my job. I couldn't sell a single banana card (it's like a credit card for Banana Republic). But even more frustrating, no one wanted any help and if they did they never really bought anything! Grrrrr.
So at the end of my shift, one of my leaders said she wanted to "touch base." So after my crappy days, I was pretty sure that she was going to yell at me and tell me I suck at my job. Insteaaaaaaaddddd, she said that wanted me to join the Styling Team. She went onto tell me how I'd get my own designated changing rooms for my personal customers etc etc Basically it sounded like I got promoted and was given more responsibility and pressure, but for some odd reason there was no discussion about getting a raise. Like come on, give me at least another dollar an hour! But nonetheless, I am now a stylist for Banana Republic. And apparently, we're the only team of stylists in stores in the entire company.
Due to my new position, you might see some more polyvores highlighting Banana Republic clothing as a practice creating outfits for customers. I promise, we actually have some pretty cute clothes! I've been eyeing a whole lot of things this past week. Oh no! I forgot to extend the hold on my blue pants!
But this is what I wore to work during this whole ordeal. I was inspired by the advice I presented in my post for College Fashionista on stripes from J.Crew's fashion director, Gayle Spannus. Treat stripes like neutrals. Therefore, when I grabbed this skirt (it's one of my few skirts whose length is appropriate for work), I no longer felt obligated to grab a white top. Instead, I grabbed this old Michael Stars t-shirt from high school! I then added more to the outfit with my statement necklace from J.Crew, but unfortunately, I forgot my new green rose studs. They really added to the skirt...
So what do you guys think of my pattern mixture? Do you think it's worthy of J.Crew?
Sweater: Uniqlo
Shirt: Michael Stars
Skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Necklace: J.Crew


  1. Love the advice about stripes, I love the mixed patterns you pulled together.

    Sincerely Sarz

  2. Lindo blog!

  3. congrats! hard work always pays off, im now an intern for nasty gal! and I love it

  4. i like it and congrats on the job, just work at it and I'm sure they'll give you a raise.xx

  5. Thats great! Congrats...I have a friend that works at Banana in TN :)
    Love ur skirt!!!
    Im now following on bloglovin and GFC :D

  6. lovely look:)

  7. oh great story how a negative became a positive, good for you!! Congrats!!

  8. That stylist gig sounds pretty awesome! I love BR and I have that Banana Card that almost always near its limit! :)

    If you have an ipad, you should take it to work and show customer your polyvore BR creations. Oh... or flat style a few items multiple ways so when someone is on the fence you can show them various ways to wear the piece.

    Good luck on the new position, hopefully they do give you that raise :)

    xo Teresa

  9. congrats!
    cute skirt and sweater!

  10. I love the pattern mixture! You really perfected it! I think the key is in the colors. You look so pretty! x Milana

  11. REALLY cute! Also REALLY cute blog!!

  12. Cute outfit ,I love mixing prints <3!


  13. Love it! Looks great on you!!

    xoxo lorena

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