Thursday, April 15, 2010

Young Artists: Heidi Quach

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University High School! (That's my HS)
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Oh, the infamous RISD App Bike.
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I'm in love with this series she did during an independent study this past fall. A wonderful marriage of abstraction and highly detailed realism.
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Heidi Quach is a senior at San Francisco University High School and will be attending USC in the fall. I've had the pleasure of being in two art classes with Heidi and I honestly love her work. This past year, she's been working on Independent studies in painting.

Why did you start doing painting/drawing?
My parents recognized that I enjoyed all the arts and crafts projects at school, so they started enrolling me in weekend and summer art classes since I was 5 and I've never been able to stop since then.

How do you choose your subjects?
Usually it's just the things I see or have seen around me that I am interested in. Even if I'm drawing/painting something abstract or imaginary, I am always inspired by something real.

How has your style changed? What do you think has influenced your work style?
All of my paintings/drawings used to be realistic because I guess I was classically trained, but now I'm moving towards incorporating more abstract and mixed media elements into my work. It is becoming more graphic designy.

Who is your favorite artist?
Wayne Thiebaud. He paints fooodd.

What's your favorite piece of art?
Monet's water lily paintings.

Tell us about a current piece your working on.
I'm currently in ceramics 1. We're doing a word project where create a font that reflects the meaning.

If you could learn another art form, which one would you look into?
Architecture sounds cool.

What do you want to do when you grow up?
I'm majoring in "philosophy and law," but I'm not really sure yet. I definitely want to figure out a way to connect it back to art.

Describe your style.
I'd say comfort matters a lot to me, but still kind of cute/girly. A quiz I took a while ago said casual chic or something like that, I think that's accurate.

Who are your favorite brands/designers?
Alice + Olivia, Madewell which is a spinoff of JCrew, Free People, Abercrombie.

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A self-portrait in charcoal done her freshman year
What color would your shadow be? Hot pink (my favorite color)


  1. Great post!! It's always inspiring to look at talented drawings!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. She is really talented. Oh my goodness. I adore the first two of the photos you posted, as well as those abstract/realism ones; the juxtaposition between the two is phenomenal.

  3. She is so talented for a person so young! I love the first piece and the abstract pieces are so beautiful! I would buy them if I could.

  4. i would buy them if i could too! she seems such a great artist!
    ps: thanks for the comment, visit again!:D

  5. My favorite is the butterfly! it looks like one just landed on a painting!