Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Little Sketch of...Not So Naked

Channelle (known as Coco) and Amanda are the amazing blogging duo behind the Australian blog Not So Naked out of Adelaide. I found them a couple months ago and fell in love with their clothes, dreamy pictures, party and concert events, etc. Check out their blog and their looks on their lookbooks! Amanda's Lookbook and Coco's Lookbook.
Sketch I did of Coco + Amanda from Not So Naked
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How do you know each other?Coco: Amanda stayed at my house when she was on holiday here in 2003 (I think!) when she was a friend of some friends. I was 12, she was 15. She moved over here from Malaysia a few years later and happened to go to the same church, lucky for us!

Why did you start blogging? Did you originally start blogging together?
Amanda: I started fashion blogging April 2009. Initially Coco had her own blog but then she stopped blogging so I asked her if she wanted to join me on my new blog. So she said yes and now it's OUR blog!
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What do you think you gain from having a partnership in a blog?A: I think we both have different ways of writing and presenting our thoughts. So there is a broad spectrum when it comes to our blog content. We both have different styles so it's good to have someone with a different perspective of things. That I must say is a definite gain!
C: I definitely take heaps of inspiration from what Amanda posts. Her photography and styling encourage me to improve my own content. I wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much if I was doing it by myself.

What are some of the perks of blogging?C: I love being able to meet people who share our interests, especially here in Adelaide. I've also found that blogging regularly has really improved my photography skills.
A: I like getting feedback on what we post about and also like Coco said, meeting other people who share the same interest as us. Another thing is, I've been challenging myself to try to think of different ways to style the clothes I usually wear. I love that I'm working my creative juices. Blogging helps me be creative!
You both clearly have amazing style, where do you guys shop?C: Op shops! Vintage is absolutely the way to go - it's environmentally friendly, unique and cheap. On the high street, I can't go past Sportsgirl for cheap fixes though.
A: There isn't really a specific store I go to, but I do like Topshop and Sportsgirl. I do a lot of op shopping (great bargains!) as well as online shopping (Malaysian blog shops and eBay).

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What do you think is your greatest style inspiration?C: The Sartorialist.
A: Other bloggers.
Is there a current line that you just wish you could make your wardrobe? A celebrity’s closet you wish you could make your own?C: Alexa Chung. She can't step a foot wrong.
A: Alexander Wang. I want Taylor Momsen's wardrobe!
Besides fashion, what are you two interested in?C: Pretty things. For me that usually means photographs, books, beaches, and travel.
A: Music and singing.

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What’s your occupation? When you were younger, did you plan on doing something in fashion?
C: I'm a journalism student, and I do freelance writing and photography. I've been writing ever since I can remember, but childhood friends will freely attest that fashion was certainly not something anybody could have foreseen for me!
Honours year Chemical Engineering student. I never planned on going into fashion, but now I'm slightly leaning over to maybe? It's kinda hard when I have no art background whatsoever. I've been a Maths and Science student all my life!
What are your future goals? Do they involve fashion?
C: I'm pursuing photography pretty seriously, and I would love to be involved in fashion photography at some point. I'd love to take my writing further, and I'm working on a book about third-world poverty at the moment.
A: Mainly I want to be a business analyst or a business/engineering consultant. But if that doesn't work out, I would like to own a boutique as well as be a stylist
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Side note: Favorite band?
C: On high rotation at the moment are the Bloody Beetroots, The XX, Meaghan Smith and Frank Sinatra. I listen to pretty much everything.
A: Anberlin
And to finish it off… If your shadow had a color, what color would it be?
C: It would correspond to the colour of my nails for the day.
A: It would be orangey red in the summer and baby blue in the winter.


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    I love this interview by the way. Very enjoyable read. x

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