Monday, April 5, 2010

Blue Wall

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Rachel! Stop laughing and look at the camera!

My friend Sanam came to visit me from DC during her spring break. We went to one of my friends little party and on the way took some pictures in front of this blue wall (By Sarah).
Outfit: Leather Jacket: H&M, Top: Ella Moss, Jeans: Urban
Side note. At the party, these little sophomore were trying to hit on me and my friends. After, a friend of mine told me that those guys hated us for being mean to them, for shutting them down. What do you guys find is the best way to turn someone down? I end up putting a sarcastic, slightly bitchy front up to get rid of pesks but I wonder, how do you guys manage to get out of that sticky situation without looking like a bitch?


  1. love love loveee this! you look amazing!!!!

  2. Why didn't you describe MY outfit?!
    top: H&M
    sweater thing: i dont know, it's yours..
    jeans: paige
    sunglasses: ray ban

  3. I like the pics! they're cute!
    I try to just laugh them off in a nice way, while trying to make it clear that they're just funny. I would try not to be patronizing.

  4. The first 3 looks like film, really cool.
    You should have just grabbed a guy friend and pretended you were hella down with him...

  5. I love the first 3 photos!