Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Little Sketch of...Song of Style

Song of Style is an amazing blogger from my home city of San Francisco. She was one of the first bloggers I ever found and followed (ie I found her blog in November). Her outfits are always unbelievably cute and she's never scared of adding those short skirts and high heels that we all wish we could pull off. Check out her blog here.
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A sketch I did of Aimee from Song of Style
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Why did you start blogging?
I just wanted to start something where I could document my daily outfits

What are some of the perks of blogging?
Meeting great people and just the whole experience.

What do you think is the importance of bloggers today?
We're just like any other consumers but we have a blog that people read so our voices are more likely to be heard.

What is your greatest style inspiration?
Everything around me.
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Is there a current line that you just wish you could make your wardrobe? A celebrity’s closet you wish you could make your own?
I actually have a lot. I love the Chloe Spring/Summer 2010 collection, Ellery, and I would like to steal Chloe Sevingny's closet.

As a selfish question (being a San Franciscan), do you have any favorite spots you want to share with us?
My favorite place to go is the La Fayette Park with my boyfriend and dog. There is this one spot where u can see the bay and it's gorgeous and very relaxing.
Favorite restaurant has to be this little Mexican restaurant on Geary St.
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Besides fashion, what are you interested in?
Interior Architecture and Architecture. Those are my main passion. I go to school to study Interior Architecture and work at an Architecture firm as an intern.

What are your future goals? Do they involve fashion?
I just want to be a great Interior Architect that designs wonderful and inspiring spaces for people.

Side note: Favorite band?

Any advice for bloggers just getting started?
Just be yourself, be honest and have fun!

And to finish it off… If your shadow had a color, what color would it be?
Neon Pink? Just to be fun?
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  1. Fab interview! Love the photos :)

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    Our brand new blog, and our first. Take a peek.

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  10. Oh we LOVE Song of Style! She is totally so effortlessly stylish and always looks amazing.
    She has a great personality too :)