Thursday, September 5, 2013

#RichKids: Take 1

So one of my apartment mates, Frannie is on the board of Colgate's radio station, WRCU. During pre-orientation, I randomly crashed one of their morning meetings because I was super hungover and wanted the free food. While hanging out with the radio crew, I was like hey I totally want to becoming involved with radio! So now, I am doing a radio show with Frannie every week! 
It's pretty exciting and really throwing me back into my interest in music. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this here before, but I used to be really into music and would look on blogs and stuff for new bands. But since college, I've gotten pretty lazy and mainly just listen to top 20 or whatever frats are playing these days. 
Probably the hardest part about our show was choosing a title. I originally proposed the title "Battle of the Sexes" because Frannie almost exclusively listens to male vocals while I really like female vocalists. However when we started to make a slide for our show to put on the screens around our student center, we realized it was a pretty dumb title. The only images we could come up with were really tacky Boy vs Girls things.
Procrastinating, Frannie showed me the "Rich Kids of Instagram" tumblr page. I had never seen it before and we thought it was absolutely insane. Jokingly, I proposed we change our radio show to #RichKids and it actually stuck. For our slide, we found these absurd picture of this guy with a leopard and put our faces on it. Also to remind everyone to listen to our show every week, I'm going to post an amazing and absolutely absurd picture from "Rich Kids of Instagram" with the link to the WRCU web player. This was the picture I chose for this week:
We had our first radio show today and it was really fun just chatting with Frannie and whoever else was in the radio station at the time and playing some music. The two hours went by really quickly and we talked so much that we didn't even get to finish our playlist. AKA we didn't get to play the last song I chose, sooooo it'll just have to be put in next week's playlist. In case you missed the show, we put this week's playlist on spotify! Follow me and Frannie as well!!

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